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One Piece 1056 : Shinobu Looks Beautiful Again Because Of Admiral Ryokugyu, Everyone Is Shocked

Shinobu finally returned to her beautiful body shape 20 years ago according to the current One Piece timeline.

Shinobu is described as a ninja who has a sexy body and a beautiful face.

But when he met Luffy and the red sword alliance, Shinobu's appearance became ordinary or no longer beautiful.

Beautiful Shinobu is a ninja in Wano country who idolizes Oden so much, she even wants to join the Akazaya or red sword samurai.

Shinobu is one of the residents of Wano who witnessed the execution process until the death of Kozuki Oden.

Because he idolized Ode so much, Shinobu even knew the reason Kozuki Oden danced half naked in the middle of the Flower Capital every day for two years was to save some of the lives of the residents of Wano.

As a ninja, Shinobu must have several ninja abilities such as being able to fly, throwing shuriken and several other ninja jutsu.

Shinobu also turns out to be a devil fruit user, namely the juku juku no mi which is able to make objects it touches ripen and rot quickly.

During the Wano arc, Shinobu had an important role. He even sneaks in the castle where Orochi lives to get information about the whereabouts of the poneglyphs.

In addition, Shinobu also took care of Momonosuke during the battle at Onigashima.

Even Shinobu by using his devil fruit powers turned Momonosuke into an adult in his 20s.

One Piece chapter 1055 shows the battle between Admiral Ryokugyu or Aramaki with the Akazaya including Shinobu.

At that time Shinobu was also on the battlefield, he even received an attack from Ryokugyu.

With the Ryokugyu attack, Shinobu was able to return to his past body, which was to have a sexy body and a beautiful face.

With her body shape like that and beautiful, even Sanji will immediately like Shinobu.

Thanks to Ryokugyu, Shinobu with a beautiful face can spread her charm as usual.

In addition to discussing Shinobu, the One Piece chapter 1056 spoiler also provides some information such as the title in this chapter is Cross Guild.

The One Piece chapter 1056 spoiler also shows some of the characters that will be raised by Eiichiro Oda, namely the following people, namely Buggy, Mihawk and Crocodile.

And in this chapter there is no information about the bounty price and the next manga, chapter 1057, will be released in about two weeks because there will be a temporary break.

With Shinobu's body returning to the way it was in the past, it will likely have a major impact on him including his ability to survive and agility.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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