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One Piece: Why is Silvers Rayleigh Called the Dark King?

One Piece: Why is Silvers Rayleigh Called the Dark King?

Who does not know the figure of Silvers Rayleigh. 

He is the former right-hand man of Gol D. Roger, the pirate king. 

His figure was very famous, even the new generation of pirates knew Rayleigh's figure. 

But, as he once said when Luffy was at Sabaody, he is now just a ship painter. 

He has retired as a pirate.

Rayleigh's figure is famous for his strength. In fact, Silvers Rayleigh is one of the strongest characters in the One Piece story. 

He is known to have the ability to control all three types of Haki. 

And even in fighting ability Rayleigh had no problems at all. In fact, Garp himself admitted that it took a lot of naval troops to just capture Rayleigh.

This shows how strong Rayleigh is. 

However, apart from his strength, there is one other interesting thing that emerges from Rayleigh's figure, namely his nickname as the king of darkness. 

We still don't know what context Rayleigh is being called as the king of darkness. 

Was he really the leader of a region? Or is it just a nickname?

Rayleigh the Dark King

One Piece: Why is Silvers Rayleigh Called the Dark King?

The big question that arises among fans regarding Rayleigh's nickname is how he got his nickname. 

There has been much speculation regarding this, with one of them explaining that Rayleigh may indeed be a king, and the Dark King himself is not just a nickname. 

However, is it true?

When Roger first met Rayleigh, he briefly talked about his past. 

Rayleigh confessed that his house burned down and he was forced to steal a small boat and then live on it. 

In the manga itself, Roger and Rayleigh are shown directly meeting and asking about his name. 

Rayleigh simply answered his name briefly, and then Roger said that it was a good fate they met.

Later, Roger asked Rayleigh if he wanted to conquer the world together. 

Although Rayleigh was initially skeptical and thought it a stupid idea, he still believed in Roger. 

However, in the anime series, there is an interesting little clue that shows where Rayleigh and Roger's first meeting didn't take place in Loguetown, or any area Luffy had visited.

At that time, the meeting of the two was likely at the port where Roger came from. 

Then, what is the reason Rayleigh earned the nickname king of darkness? 

It could be, the World Government is not happy with the figure of Rayleigh. 

Perhaps, back when he still had a kingdom or still had power, he didn't want to join the World Government. 

So, the World Government decided to burn down his house and destroy it.

Rayleigh then left with nothing, and planned to spend his time drinking and relaxing because he knew the World Government was after his life. 

Until then he met Roger and gave him the opportunity to conquer the world. 

Rayleigh, who was skeptical, probably thought there was nothing wrong with him joining Roger.

Rayleigh Is A Bad Person?

One Piece: Why is Silvers Rayleigh Called the Dark King?

In addition to speculation that Silvers Rayleigh was indeed a leader in a region, until he was expelled from his own territory, there is also another interesting speculation about Rayleigh's nickname. 

There is another possibility that Rayleigh was an evil king or leader. 

Because of the evil Rayleigh figure, he later earned the nickname "king of darkness" from the residents.

This is similar to Avalo Pizzaro in the Blackbeard pirate group, where he is known as a corrupt king figure. 

Because of that, he later earned the nickname "corrupt king" from the residents. 

If, indeed, Rayleigh was a bad person at first, it would be interesting to know what later became his turning point to turn into a good person.

One Piece: Why is Silvers Rayleigh Called the Dark King?

So, the conclusion is that it is possible that the title of the king of darkness is indeed real. 

This is because Rayleigh does not want to cooperate with the World Government, and prefers to act as he pleases. 

His meeting with Roger really gave a big change in Rayleigh's life.

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