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One Piece 1054: Kaido Returns To Take Revenge On Admiral Aramaki, What's Really Up?

In One Piece 1054, it is likely that Kaido and Big Mom will return after falling in hot magma.

After falling in hot magma, the fate of Kaido and Big Mom is still a mystery to fans.

Judging from the strength they have, it is likely that Kaido and Big Mom can still survive, because they both have immunity to hot magma.

Before falling into the magma, Kaido was punched by Luffy until his horn fell and bounced far away.

Likewise with Big Mom, she bounced after getting a combined attack from Kid and Law.

Many fans have speculated that Kaido is still alive, considering that he has been nicknamed the strongest creature in the world.

As previously known, Kaido had tried to commit suicide by jumping from the sky island and there were no injuries on his body.

However, there are several more compelling reasons that Kaido couldn't possibly die even if he drowned in a sea of ​​magma.

The first reason, a few seconds before he fell into the magma, Kaido had turned his entire body into very hot magma.

The second reason, Oda Sensei is known to never make a dead figure in One Piece come to life again.

Until now, Oda sensei did not confirm that Kaido and Big Mom had died from falling in a sea of ​​magma.

In addition, Oda Sensei said that the war in Arkuano is not over yet even the battle will be bigger than the battle at Marineford.

Even the battle at Wano which Admiral Aramaki will take part in will involve many parties, including Luffy and his Alliance.

If that's true, then it's likely that Kaido will also come to Wano to avenge his men on Admiral Aramaki.

Previously, it was known that two of Kaido's generals were massacred by Admiral Aramaki, namely Queen and King.

However, if Kaido and Admiral Aramaki's fight really happened, Kaido would probably be in a bit of trouble.

In fact, Kaido who had just been killed by Luffy, would likely experience defeat if he persisted in fighting Admiral Aramaki.

Admiral Aramaki himself came to Wano not to fight Kaido, but to aim for Luffy's head.

However, it is impossible for Aramaki to fight Luffy without the help of others, considering that the Ancient Alliance he formed is very strong.

Most likely, Sakasuki will send the few remaining admirals to help Aramaki defeat Luffy and his allies.

So we can be sure, Wano will be the site of a great battle between Aramaki and Luffy. Watch the excitement of the One Piece story.

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