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One Piece: Dragon's Past and Luffy's Father's Final Destination Revealed

There are still some characters in One Piece that are mysterious, especially regarding abilities or other things.

One that is still mysterious until One Piece 1054 is the character Monkey D Dragon, or Luffy's father.

Why did he want to destroy in particular the Celestial Dragons, not Marini, as if there was something that made him truly hate their people.

Therefore, until One Piece 1054 there are many theories about Dragon and his past, he is even said to be a marine agent or Cipher Pol.

In the discussion of Dragon, the theory here is more to look at it in a different way.

There are allegations that his time as a CP or as a marine was not the reason that made him rebel.

Not that Dragon's past was that of a marine, just that no one was aware of his existence at the Reverie in the past.

Looking at Wapol's reaction, Dragon is still unknown, and they don't treat him as the same level of threat, should the Admiral or Vice Admiral leave the Navy.

Like a surprised face when Aokiji left the Marines, and unlike X-Drake who is a former Rear Admiral and Kizaru knows a lot about it

So how can an Admiral be well-known, but someone with a Dragon-like power not?

Therefore, Dragon is most likely not a marine. However, there is also an assumption that he is a former Cipher Pol Agent.

It was possible that he was indeed a former CP agent who decided to leave after seeing the cruelty of the Heavenly Dragon and the World Government.

He felt unable to stay still and finally decided to destroy them. However, there could be other alternatives regarding Dragon's past.

None of the CP agents ever 'dropped out', they were all trained to turn a blind eye to the darkness of the World Government and the Heavenly Dragon, and fight as assassins.

If he's a CP, why doesn't Dragon do the same? These CP agents were taken when they were little and brainwashed at that age, why can't Dragon?

What if he rebelled specifically because of his inheritance? Readers certainly know clearly about the name 'D'.

The D. family are the natural enemies of the world, they are despised and despised among everyone. However, the name was passed 'silently' between generations. Why is that? Why did they become enemies?

Clover said that the D family had many connections to the Ancient Kingdom. And the Ancient Kingdom had enemies and that's why they passed down their information in history about Poneglyphs, unbreakable stones.

Then the World Government had done everything in their power to make the Ancient Kingdom forgotten, while the name D was secretly passed down.

The Ancient Kingdom could boast of their immense strength and every D that had been known so far was an extremely powerful and important figure.

Gol D. Roger – The Pirate King.

Rocks D. Xebec – The Most Dangerous Pirate before the appearance of Gol D. Roger.

Marshall D. Teach – The most dangerous pirate of all time.

Monkey D. Garp – Marine Hero.

Monkey D. Dragon – The Most Dangerous Villain.

Monkey D. Luffy – Has the Voice of All Things and the Power to make everyone his ally.

Portgas D. Ace – son of the Pirate King. Commander Whitebeard.

Portgas D. Rogue – Able to hold baby inside him for 20 months.

Traflagar D. The Law of Water – Supernovas and Great Doctors. Has a Devil Fruit to create Immortality.

There was a high possibility that the rulers or kings of the great Ancient Kingdom were actually the D Family.

They were a noble family, and could possibly become the ones who ruled over the entire world. However, many countries do not like and want to control everything.

Eventually they decided to rebel and destroy the Ancient Kingdom, and the reason the World Government, after defeating them, established their existence was so that they could replace the D family as rulers of the world.

The World Government erased their existence from history because the Ancient Kingdom was the true World Noble and King of the world, and if that knowledge was known, the Heavenly Dragon would not be respected.

That's where Dragon comes in, Dragon, as is known is a D. He is considered the most dangerous criminal in the world and is feared by the World Government as much as Roger.

So perhaps, Dragons like the Roger Pirates, had studied the true history of the world, as it wouldn't be hard to believe that someone in the 800 years after the Void Century could learn the truth other than Roger.

Dragon realized how greedy and evil the World Government was and how they had taken over his ancestral home and throne.

Therefore he created his own Revolutionary Army as they did in the past, to take back his legacy.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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