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One Piece: Predicting Shirahoshi's Influence As Poseidon!

One Piece: Predicting Shirahoshi's Influence As Poseidon!

As an ancient weapon, Shirahoshi was likely to have great influence. 

Being a tool to destroy the world, Ancient Weapons or Ancient Weapons are three legendary weapons that have different forms. 

The three ancient weapons are Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus. 

There are still many mysteries related to this Ancient Weapon, which fans are very curious about. 

There are some interesting things about this Ancient Weapon.

An example is how the ancient weapon turned out to not only have the form of an object, but also a living creature. 

Based on the information so far, Pluton is a ship that has a large destructive power.

Meanwhile, Uranus is still a mystery as to what it looks like. For Poseidon, it turns out that it is not a weapon or object but a living creature, namely a mermaid.

Getting to know Poseidon

One Piece: Predicting Shirahoshi's Influence As Poseidon!

Many think that Poseidon is an object, just like Pluton which is a ship. 

However, the fans' allegations were later refuted when the facts showed that Poseidon was a mermaid who had lived in the lost century. 

The mermaid is able to talk to the Sea Kings, the most terrible sea creatures that can inflict great destruction.

It was a mystery, but then various clues to the story showed that Shirahoshi was the new Poseidon. 

The conversation between Nico Robin and Neptune which later confirmed this, where according to Neptune Shirahoshi turned out to be the new Poseidon. 

This is the reason why then she must be very protected or deliberately locked up in Ryugu's palace, so that her life can be saved.

Shirahoshi is known to have the ability to talk to fish or other sea creatures such as Sea Kings. 

Based on the information in the story, this is important because Poseidon has a big role as one of the Ancient Weapons. 

In fact, there is a speculation that Poseidon is an Ancient Weapon that protects the inhabitants of the sea or sea creatures.

Poseidon's Divination

One Piece: Predicting Shirahoshi's Influence As Poseidon!

Before Shirahoshi was born, there was a prophecy that Shirley had made that Neptune's daughter would be born with great power that could destroy the entire world. 

The Poneglyphs on the Sky Island themselves talk about Poseidon, which then leads Roger's pirate group to go to Fishman Island. 

Once there, Oden then reads the other two Poneglyphs.

One of the Poneglyphs turns out to contain an apology from Joy Boy to the entire Fish-Man population. 

He apologized for failing to keep his promise, which until recently had been a big question. 

Because Shirahoshi was still not born at that time, Roger was ultimately unable to complete or continue Joy Boy's dream.

When Shirahoshi was finally born, unfortunately, Roger had already died as a result of a naval execution. 

It took several years for Shirahoshi to then awaken the great power within her. 

When she saw her mother being mistreated by one of the demon clans, Donquixote Mjosgard, Shirahoshi began to cry. 

Unexpectedly, it turned out that her cry had invited many Sea Kings.

When Otohime learned of Shirahoshi's power, he then stated that this is the strongest power in the world. 

She realized that if then that power fell into the wrong hands, then there would be a very big disaster that would happen in this world. 

Because of that, Otohime did everything in her power to protect her daughter.

Shirahoshi also learned many things after meeting Luffy. 

She even dared to step out of her comfort zone, and go to the Reverie. 

Unfortunately, Shirahoshi had to experience the unpleasant experience her mother had. 

Luckily, Mjosgard managed to protect Shirahoshi and attacked Charlos. Mjosgard apologized to Shirahoshi. 

She had learned a lot about the previous events and decided to change.

The Power of Destroying the World in One Piece

One Piece: Predicting Shirahoshi's Influence As Poseidon!

Poseidon has the power to be able to communicate with the Sea Kings, as well as give them orders. 

Sea Kings themselves are sea creatures that have a very large size, which can even easily destroy a warship or ordinary ship. 

The power of Poseidon itself is said to have initially been used to carry Noah, a large ship that was purposely made to bring sea creatures to land.

But, sadly, all of these plans had to fail. 

These tasks and missions were then passed on to the next generation of mermaids in the kingdom. 

However, nothing worked to awaken this power until Shirahoshi was born. 

Seeing as Shirahoshi's figure, who was neither timid nor fond of violence, it was unlikely that she would use her power to destroy an island.

However, the situation might be different if a bad situation happened to Shirahoshi like her who was caught by someone else. 

Sea Kings are not mindless sea creatures. 

They will take into account the risk and everything before destroying something. 

They also will not move without an order. 

When then Shirahoshi was in danger, maybe they would move and could destroy everything.

If even one Sea Kings is dangerous, of course a group of Sea Kings will be able to destroy not only one island but all the islands in the world of One Piece.

If then Shirahoshi stayed on Luffy's side, then they would finally be able to accomplish what Joy Boy wanted for a long time. 

What then needs to be an important note is how Shirahoshi can stay safe until the time comes.

The Current Strongest Character in One Piece?

One Piece: Predicting Shirahoshi's Influence As Poseidon!

As an Ancient Weapon, Shirahoshi is certainly a major threat especially to the World Government. 

In the Reverie arc, we saw how Im seems to be annoyed with some people like Luffy, Blackbeard, Vivi, and also Shirahoshi. 

This means that Im as well as the World Government may already know that she is one of the Ancient Weapons namely Poseidon.

Even though Shirahoshi possessed extremely terrifying and formidable strength, unfortunately she didn't even have the courage to protect herself. 

This we can see during the Fish-Man Island arc where she has to be confined in her room for years. 

In fact, if she wanted to, she could have destroyed Hody Jones and Vander Decken IX's group by ordering the Sea Kings to attack them.

So, is Shirahoshi the strongest character in the series? 

The answer is no. 

She needs someone to always protect her from the various threats that exist. 

Although not the most powerful figure or character, Shirahoshi is still the most terrible and dangerous character in the One Piece series considering she is one of the Ancient Weapons.

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