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One Piece: The 5 Great Evils of the Yonko!

One Piece: The 5 Great Evils of the Yonko!

The Yonko or the four rulers of the ocean are the strongest pirates who rule the New World region in the One Piece series. 

With their great influence, immense power, territory, and many fleets, their existence was so domineering in that world. 

In fact, the World Government itself does not want to interfere in the affairs of the Yonko.

Although there are some good and different Yonko, but like basically a pirate, they also often commit crimes or mistakes. 

The crimes they committed varied from killing their own comrades to enslaving an area for decades. 

Here are some of the horrific crimes the Yonko have committed.

Killing His Own Comrades

One Piece: The 5 Great Evils of the Yonko!

The Whitebeard pirate group has a rule that whoever finds the devil fruit first, then they are entitled to have the devil fruit. 

Unfortunately, Blackbeard could not accept this rule. 

When Thatch managed to find the Yami Yami devil fruit, Blackbeard seemed not to want the devil fruit to be eaten by others. 

The reason, he has been looking for the devil fruit for decades.

And finally, Blackbeard did something very crazy where he killed his own comrade. 

After killing Thatch, he fled and then formed his own pirate group. 

In addition to killing Thatch, Blackbeard was also indirectly responsible for the deaths of Portgas D. Ace and his former captain, Whitebeard.

Don't Care About Other People's Lives

One Piece: The 5 Great Evils of the Yonko!

Kaido is one of the cruelest characters in the world of One Piece, where he never cares about the fate or lives of others. 

We can see this throughout the Wano Country arc. 

Since his arrival to Wano, and turning the region into arid and full of weapons factories, countless lives have been lost due to severe famine.

Not to mention, Kaido was responsible for the election of Orochi as Shogun in Wano 20 years ago. 

In the battle at Onigashima, he did not care about the lives of his own crew. 

We see how Kaido doesn't get angry when King challenges the Flying Six to a fight or gives him a chance to shift his position. 

We also see how Kaido kills Higurashi and members of CP-0 when it is considered disturbing his fight.

Kaido never gets angry or forbids how Queen makes poison that makes many people suffer or die. 

In fact, he was also the one who then ordered Jack to attack and destroy Zou. 

What is also terrible is how Kaido has a dream to turn the world into chaos and full of battles.

Owning a Criminal Organization

One Piece: The 5 Great Evils of the Yonko!

Buggy is a Yonko who has just replaced Big Mom, who lost the big battle at Onigashima. 

The election of Buggy as a Yonko was really beyond the expectations of the fans, who never thought that Buggy would become a ruler of the ocean. 

What is “remarkable” about his figure is how Buggy is now the ruler of the underworld, replacing Doflamingo.

Buggy owns a criminal organization called Buggy's Delivery. 

All crimes ranging from arms trafficking, people smuggling, to other terrible things they do. 

In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that Buggy is the first Yonko to have a criminal organization in the history of One Piece.

Absorbing Other People's Lives

One Piece: The 5 Great Evils of the Yonko!

Living on Whole Cake Island can be fun, with colorful buildings that they can eat. 

However, there was a very high price they had to pay. 

Big Mom, as the owner or ruler of the territory, forced the inhabitants of the territory to pay a "tax" in the form of half of their souls if they still wanted to live there.

Some people may find it worth it, considering the various benefits they will get. 

For example, their lives are happening as well as their safety as well. 

However, even so, the threat itself does not come from outside, but from within. 

The residents of Totto Land can't dodge Big Mom's hungry rampage.


One Piece: The 5 Great Evils of the Yonko!

Of all the terrible crimes the Yonko have ever committed, cannibalism is perhaps the worst. 

The One Piece series has often presented funny and silly moments and is full of inspiration. 

However, who would have thought if there were terrible things that Oda also presented in the story, such as moments of cannibalism. 

This was done by the former Yonko, Big Mom.

Since Linlin was abandoned by her biological parents, she has been living in Mother Carmel's orphanage. 

Carmel herself is actually a bad person, where she is a smuggler and child trafficker. 

When Linlin had a birthday, the huge appetite in her was completely uncontrollable. 

Not only did Linlin eat all the food and objects in front of her, she also ate all of her friends as well as Mother Carmel. 

On the other hand, this is also what then makes Big Mom have the power of Soru Soru no Mi.

With their influence as well as power and reputation as powerful pirates, it's only natural that the Yonko are often arbitrary. 

The reason is, almost no person or party who dares and can stop them. 

For this reason, it is not uncommon for the Yonko to also commit crimes or other horrific acts like some of the examples above.

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