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One Piece: The Most Underrated Straw Hats!


One Piece: The Most Underrated Straw Hats!

Being a part of the Straw Hat crew is one of the things that many people probably want right now. 

Not without reason, this is because Luffy and the Straw Hats are known as "troublemakers" in various regions. 

They broke through Impel Down prison, ransacked Enies Lobby, got involved in the Marineford war, and so on.

So, it might be luck for Luffy to be able to meet his Nakama. And this is also felt by Nico Robin. 

Robin is lucky to meet Luffy because since meeting Luffy, she has returned to her spirit of life and fighting spirit. 

And only Luffy considers him a valuable figure.

Talking about Nico Robin, there is actually something interesting about his figure. 

Not about the strength or character, but the game value she has. 

If you look at Robin's current bounty, it's only 130 million Belly. 

A number that is quite small actually if you look at who Robin really is. At least, Robin must have a bounty of 1 billion Belly.

One Piece: The Most Underrated Straw Hats!

Why Robin's value can reach 1 billion Belly? 

First, Robin has an extraordinary devil fruit power, the Hana Hana no Mi. 

Second, she is the crew of the “fifth Yonko” whose crew must have a value of at least over 500 million Belly. 

Third, Nico Robin had been involved or had connections with the Revolutionary Army for two years, when the time-skip occurred.

Fourth, she is the one who is able to escape from Ennies Lobby. 

Finally, she is the only person who can read the Poneglyph, which means she can find out all the information about the lost century. 

As we know, the lost century is a moment that happened in 800 years which the World Government has always covered up.

World Government Strategy?

One Piece: The Most Underrated Straw Hats!

In addition, with the ability to read Poneglyph Nico Robin can also find the location of the last island, which is certainly not desired by the navy and the World Government. 

There is a possibility that making Nico Robin's bounty lower than the others is a move or strategy that the World Government has deliberately taken.

We need to remember that people don't know much about Nico Robin. 

The main reason why she has a bounty of 79 million Belly, at such a young age, is because Robin is the only survivor of the Ohara incident. 

And the World Government is not happy about it.

However, of course the World Government uses the excuse that Robin has destroyed 7 warships to cover up his true intentions. 

Although his goal was to make people realize that Robin was very dangerous, this actually made people frown. And after his first bounty was released, Robin then disappeared.

About 20 years later, Nico Robin reappears in Alabasta after Smoker confirms his existence. 

Aokiji then verified this and finally the Enies Lobby incident occurred. 

Now, the World Government knows where he is. Wherever the Straw Hats are, that's where Robin is.

Increasing the bounty of Robin, will make him a target for many people. 

The World Government doesn't want to change the fact that people don't know that Robin is an extraordinary figure where she is able to resurrect ancient weapons or be able to read Poneglyphs.

Robin's Bounty Increases in One Piece

One Piece: The Most Underrated Straw Hats!

So, the conclusion is that making Nico Robin's bounty smaller than the rest of the crew indirectly helps the World Government hide the real facts about who Nico Robin is. 

Why go after Robin when Usopp, Sanji, Zoro, Jinbe, and Luffy have a higher bounty than Robin?

In this way, the World Government also participates in maintaining the secrecy that they have been guarding for so long. 

Because, if Robin is caught then all the secrets about Ohara will be revealed. 

Even so, on the other hand, this makes Nico Robin an underrated character. 

However, with the completion of the battle at Onigashima, it is certain that Robin's bounty will increase dramatically. 

Maybe the value or number can reach 500 million Belly in One Piece.

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