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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254 Spoiler: The Truth About Sanzu Who Wanted To Kill Toman Members

Here is the spoiler for Tokyo Reveners chapter 254. For those of you who want to know the spoiler for 

ToKyo Revengers chapter 254, then read on.

In chapter 253, Sanzu has tried to kill all the former members of Toman.

What Takemichi will do in Tokyo Revengers chapter 254 begins to be revealed.

This is in line with Takemichi's determination to "bring the team"!

After a good start, Tokyo Manji's Gang Takemichi started to struggle as his core members repeatedly lay in front of Kantou Manji's main force.

After successfully defeating Pachin, Mikey started walking on the battlefield. He quickly ran into Peyan and Smiley. Mikey's next goal is Angry!

Seeing that his side would lose, Takemichi felt panicked. He accidentally touches the train tracks and sees a vision: all the members of Tokyo Manji are dead. 

The "unsub" is none other than Sanzu.

Tokyo Revergers Chapter 254 Spoiler Prediction

Previously, there were many questions that arose in Tokyo Revengers chapter 253. 

First, why did Sanzu want to kill all of the old Toman members?

Based on the chapter that tells about Sanzu and Mucho, it can be seen that Sanzu is ready to kill anyone who dares to "betray" Mikey.

Does Sanzu know about Mikey's dark instincts? 

With fanatical loyalty, Sanzu is determined to make Mikey the boss of this era of dishonesty.

After Mikey decides to disband Toman, Sanzu identifies his former members as 'rivals' and can get in the way of Mikey's 'promotion'.

Because of that, Sanzu took the decision to kill them all, just like he killed the traitor Mucho.

This action may also have pushed Mikey deeper into the darkness, creating opportunities for his "dark instincts" to thrive.

Since Sanzu was someone who wanted to kill people, there was a possibility that she was also involved in Kisaki's death.

Did Kisaki really die in an accident, or because of Sanzu's interference?

When is Tokyo Revergers Chapter 254 Released?

Maybe you are asking when Tokyo Revengers chapter 254 will be released. Based on the schedule, this chapter will be released on May 25, 2022.

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