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One Punch Man: Can Garou Be Saved?

One Punch Man: Can Garou Be Saved?

Killing all heroes and making himself a villain who is widely known in the world is the aspiration and dream of Garou in the One-Punch Man series. 

Garou has such a great hatred for heroes, because of his childhood who saw heroes as terrible figures. 

This is certainly different from most people and small children at that time.

For Garou, the villain is better than the heroes, because he is able to withstand the attacks of several heroes at once. 

In addition, Garou thinks that the heroes are actually evil because they have to face monsters and villains in groups. 

It is this difference that makes Garou shunned by his friends and also this difference that makes Garou what he is today.

Seeing this, Silver Fang, who was his former teacher, had time to try to resuscitate Garou who had been covered in hatred. 

This was shown in the previous chapter in the Monster Association arc. 

Unfortunately, Bang failed to defeat and resuscitate Garou because Garou's power was too strong.

One Punch Man: Can Garou Be Saved?

In chapter 162, then we see how Saitama finally intervened to resuscitate Garou. 

Saitama realizes that Bang has failed to resuscitate Garou, and he sees how Tareo is so sad to see Garou become evil. 

Saitama then said that he would try to resuscitate Garou.

In chapter 163, we were shown how Garou mustered all his strength to defeat Saitama. 

Unfortunately, all these efforts ultimately failed to make Garou win. 

Saitama is actually not hurt at all and still looks very relaxed facing Garou. It was Garou who was overwhelmed by Saitama.

However, the big question then is whether Garou can be awakened? 

Seeing how part of Garou's monster form's mask broke due to realizing his mistake, when he defeated Bang, it meant that Garou could still be saved and revived. Saitama himself continues to try to do this as shown in chapter 163.

One Punch Man: Can Garou Be Saved?

Saitama said that all the evil intentions that Garou had and his various actions actually managed to save the lives of others. For example, when Garou smashed Saitama's body into three different buildings. 

The building appears to be in ruins. 

However, the incident actually saved many people who were trapped underground.

Then, when Saitama threw Saitama's body into a volcano that emitted lava, his actions caused the lava flow to move to the other side. The residents were finally safe.

On the other hand, Garou himself never wanted to admit what he did as an action hero. 

According to him, all of this happened by accident.

In the webcomic version of the story itself, it is shown how Garou keeps changing into a terrible form to be able to defeat Saitama. 

However, even though Garou has changed to his strongest form – called Devil Garou – he still cannot defeat Saitama. 

It was Saitama who managed to beat Garou easily.

One Punch Man: Can Garou Be Saved?

That moment makes Garou finally realize that he can't be much stronger than Saitama. 

Garou finally realized that he had been wrong all along and it was impossible for him to surpass Saitama's strength. 

This might be adapted in the manga story, where at the peak of the battle between Garou and Saitama, it was shown that Garou had finally awakened.

As stated by Saitama, that Garou actually has the potential to become a great hero. 

However, he didn't understand why then Garou was so adamant about destroying the heroes and creating chaos. 

Maybe, after Garou realizes that Saitama is ready to tackle him, Garou will finally wake up like in the webcomic version of the story. 

What do you think?

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