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One Piece: Full Explanation of Kaido's Transformation!

As the most powerful pirate, Kaido is one of the important characters in the One Piece series. 

Kaido is the main antagonist in the Wano Country arc which is still running today. 

He also turns out to have a pretty important past and has a long history of what happened to this world.

Throughout the Wano arc, Kaido appears and is introduced as the greatest challenge Luffy has ever faced. 

And at the same time, in the story it appears that Kaido has connections with other strong and formidable pirate figures such as Kaido, Whitebeard, and Big Mom. 

Kaido even has a great history with the figures of Kozuki Oden and Rocks D. Xebec.

His endurance and strength made Kaido famous. 

Kaido even has the nickname “the most powerful being in the world.” This is thanks to the Mythical Zoan Uo Uo no Mi devil fruit, Model: Seiryuu. With Kaido's devil fruit, which is a Zoan type, it means he is able to change or have various types of transformations.

Different Types of Kaido's Transformation in One Piece

The first transformation where Kaido was able to turn into a dragon first appeared in the Punk Hazard arc. 

The Wano samurai, like Kin'emon, are the ones who explain this. 

In the Wano Country arc, Kaido's power was finally better presented by Oda Sensei before the fight against Luffy took place.

With his transformation as a dragon, Oda shows / depicts Kaido as a god who rules the territory of Wano. In fact, Kaido is indeed worshiped by many residents of Wano. 

And in this dragon form, Kaido does prove to be quite extraordinary, as shown in his fight against Luffy in Kuri.
Kaido really couldn't afford for Luffy to beat that time. 

Then, Kaido also has a transformation in the form of a beast (beast). In this transformation, 

Kaido will have thick and strong skin, and is able to produce fire attacks, wind attacks, and various other elemental or natural attacks. 

However, this was not his strongest transformation.

Kaido also has a hybrid transformation that is no less terrible and extraordinary. 

This hybrid form of Kaido appears when the main battle between the Worst Generation and Kaido takes place on the roof of Kaido's palace. 

In the hybrid transformation, Kaido will have the same tremendous power when using his dragon transformation. 

However, Kaido remained in his human body.

Hybrid mode also makes Kaido's strength stronger. Attacks that are usually already very strong and terrifying, will increase many times the level of power when Kaido is in this transformation. 

Because of this, it is not surprising that Kaido's attacks become much faster and more painful, especially if they do not have Haki abilities. 

What's also extraordinary is that when Kaido is in hybrid form, he will have a "mode" that can change according to his wishes. 

However, Kaido must first drink alcohol and then get drunk.

Kaido's Fire Dragon Form in One Piece

Although all the types of transformations listed above are extraordinary, the ability and also the strongest transformation that emerges from Kaido's figure is when his entire dragon body is coated with magma. 

This technique or ability is called the Flame Dragon Torch aka Kaen Daiko. This technique appeared in chapter 1048 yesterday where Kaido tried to match the awakening of Luffy's devil fruit.

In this transformation Kaido is able to melt whatever is in front of him, due to the very high temperature of the magma. In fact, Luffy himself had felt the heat when trying to attack Kaido's body. 

Realizing the greatness of the transformation, Luffy then decided to use Ryo and attack Kaido from afar.

This Flame Dragon Torch technique is without a doubt the strongest power and transformation that Kaido possesses. 

Almost no one person or figure can match or even approach Kaido while in this form, as happened to Luffy who had to keep his distance due to extreme temperatures.

When Kaido is in his Flame Dragon Torch form, he can destroy the entire Onigashima area because his body size is even bigger than the island. 

Moreover, his extraordinary body temperature could destroy everything in an instant. 

Although Kaido was ultimately powerless against Luffy, without a doubt Kaido is one of the most powerful devil fruit users in the series. 

One of the reasons is because Kaido is able to control various forms of his devil fruit.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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