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One Piece: 7 Admirals with Terrible Powers!

One Piece: 7 Admirals with Terrible Powers!

In the world of One Piece, Admirals from the navy have always been the biggest threat to the "freedom" of the pirates. 

They often show their ability to destroy the power of the pirates. 

This is natural because admirals are the biggest force in the navy, and the process of becoming an admiral itself is not easy.

Evidence of the awesomeness of an admiral is shown in the Sabaody arc, where one admiral is even able to deal with many pirates at once, even with their extraordinary title as the Worst Generation. 

There have been several admirals in the One Piece franchise introduced in the series who have tremendous power. Anyone?

1. Zephyr

One Piece: 7 Admirals with Terrible Powers!

Zephyr is indeed a canon character, but he is one of the most popular characters in the One Piece franchise. 

Zephyr the black hand, is the leader of the Neo Marines and is the main antagonist of the film One Piece Film: Z. 

Before forming Neo Marines, Zephyr had become an admiral in the navy that we know today.

However, Zephyr later decided to step down as Admiral. 

Along with Sengoku, Garp, and Tsuru, Zephyr is one of the strongest navies of his generation. 

He is a figure who gave birth to great navies such as Sakazuki, Kuzan, Onigumo, and so on. 

Even though he is quite old, his physical strength is extraordinary. 

Zephyr is the only admiral who doesn't have a devil fruit power. 

However, he was able to match the current Admiral's strength.

2. Ryokugyu

One Piece: 7 Admirals with Terrible Powers!

Ryokugyu made his debut during the Reverie arc. 

He joined the navy after the fight between Kuzan and Sakazuki at Punk Hazard. 

After the fight, Kuzan decided to withdraw from the navy and Sakazuki was promoted to Fleet Admiral. 

He became one of the navy that filled two vacancies in the Admiral position.

Not much is known about Ryokugyu, but he is known to have been involved in the fight against the Revolutionary Army. 

The greatest achievement of Ryokugyu himself is that he is able to fight so extraordinary, even though he has not eaten anything in the last three years. It is still unknown whether this has anything to do with devil fruit.

3. Fujitora

One Piece: 7 Admirals with Terrible Powers!

Like Ryokugyu, Fujitora joined the navy – becoming an Admiral to be exact – after the time-skip. 

She first appears in the Dressrosa arc, where we see her formidable abilities. Fujitora is known to have the Zushi Zushi no Mi devil fruit, which is a Paramecia devil fruit. 

The devil fruit allows Fujitora to control gravity.

The proof of Fujitora's prowess is that he is able to fight against Sabo, the representative of the leader of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey D. Dragon. 

Fujitora was able to withstand Sabo's movements with ease. Sabo himself acknowledged the extraordinary greatness of Fujitora. 

Fujitora had even fought against Jack from the Beast group. 

The most remarkable thing is that Fujitora is one of the few navies that has a different moral compass than most navies.

4. Aokiji

One Piece: 7 Admirals with Terrible Powers!

Aokiji alias Kuzan is a former admiral at headquarters. 

He was nominated to fill the position as a fleet admiral to replace Sengoku. 

However, after the position was finally handed over to Sakazuki, Aokiji decided to resign from the navy. 

At this time, Aokiji himself joined the Blackbeard pirates. 

It is still not known what the reason for doing this is.

Aokiji has a big role in the Marineford arc, where he is responsible for saving the lives of thousands of marines thanks to his Hie Hie no Mi devil fruit that resists the tsunami attack made by Whitebeard. 

Like Fujitora, Aokiji is one of the strongest navies that has a different moral compass than most navies.

5. Kizaru

One Piece: 7 Admirals with Terrible Powers!

In accordance with the position he has, namely Admiral, Kizaru is also one of the greatest fighters in the world government and navy. 

Kizaru's extraordinary physical ability is shown by his very fast movement reflexes. 

This power was then added by the devil fruit he ate, the Pika Pika no Mi. 

The devil fruit gives him the power of the light element.

This means that he is able to move as fast as light and attack very quickly. Everything is based on the element of light. 

The light can also be used as weapons such as lasers, energy shots, as well as a powerful energy attack that can destroy anything. 

In addition to being the strongest human being, many fans assume that this Pika Pika no Mi makes Kizaru the strongest admiral ever.

6. Akainu

One Piece: 7 Admirals with Terrible Powers!

Akainu is the fleet admiral at the current headquarters, filling the position vacated by Sengoku. 

Akainu has shown that he has tremendous power. 

This is thanks to the Magu Magu no Mi, where the fruit gives Sakazuki the ability to manipulate magma.

Sakazuki's magma ability is able to surpass Ace's fire ability, in fact he is the one responsible for Ace's death and also Whitebeard's. 

This is proof of the awesomeness of the figure of Akainu who is extraordinary in terms of his physical strength. 

Not to mention Akainu is known as a cruel figure because of his morals that adhere to Absolute Justice.

7. Sengoku

One Piece: 7 Admirals with Terrible Powers!

Sengoku is a legendary figure in the world of One Piece. 

He briefly held the position of a fleet admiral and succeeded in bringing victory to the navy when the war against Whitebeard's group occurred.

Sengoku is highly respected by other legendary figures, including Gol D. Roger, who proves how powerful Sengoku is.

Sengoku consumes the Hito Hito no Mi Model Daibutsu devil fruit, which is a rare devil fruit that can make Sengoku turn into a giant golden Buddha statue. 

Even though he was no longer part of the navy, his strength was certainly not something to be underestimated.

Admirals were the spearhead of the naval organization, which was natural then that only those with the strongest and most combat experience would be chosen. 

And this is evident from the characters above, where we have been introduced to an admiral who has tremendous power throughout the series.

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