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One Piece 1050: Luffy's Bajrang Gun is considered the strongest attack in the series, which one is stronger?

Gomu-Gomu no Bajrang Gun can be called one of the strongest attacks, throughout the series up to One Piece to One Piece 1049.

In fact, it is not impossible in One Piece 1050 until in the future Luffy will issue this attack again.

It is known, Bajrang Gun was first seen when Luffy defeated Kaido after a long battle between the two.
To be able to use Bajrang Gun, even Luffy must first activate the power of Gear 5th which is Luffy's highest strength.

To achieve this goal, the Straw Hats use their most powerful Fifth Gear technique.

The name Bajarang Gun itself is taken from another name for Balinese Hindus to refer to Hanuman who is the Monkey God in their belief.

As a result of this attack, in One Piece 1050 until the future Luffy has been officially called the fifth yonkou.

Bajrang Gun is said to be similar to the King-Kong Gun Luffy attack that comes from the power of his Gear 4th.

It is known, this attack is in the form of a giant fist that is larger than Onigashima Island.

The Bajrang Gun is coated with Busoshoku and Haoshoku Haki which causes it to appear black.

In fact, with one hit of the attack Luffy could have destroyed Onigashima Island if Momonosuke didn't manage to move the island's position.

It also makes it clear that Luffy's Bajrang Gung is stronger than Kaido's Shoryu: Kaen Hakke attack.
To put this into perspective, Kaido enhances his powers with Kaen Daiko, who forms a huge fire dragon around his already massive body.

The heat generated by the fire can melt anything it touches.
However, Luffy was not only able to withstand the heat of Kaido's attack, but was also able to break the dragon's horn.
He even managed to knock Kaido down to the bottom of the Flower capital which made him lose.

Luffy doesn't even need direct contact with Kaido to defeat him because he has mastered the ability Busoshoku Haki.

However, even though fans have judged that Luffy's Bajrang Gun is the strongest until One Piece 1050, it turns out that there is still a much stronger attack.

The attack was a combined attack of two yonkou, Kaido and Big Mom, named Hakai.

The Hakai attack is known to have succeeded in making Zoro almost lose all of his bones.

In addition, Whitebeard's single attack named Shima Yurashi is also believed to be stronger than the Bajrang Gun because it can tilt land and sea.

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