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Surprising Facts from Oda: Roger Wasn't The First To Find One Piece's Legendary Treasure

Eiichiro Oda has just revealed a surprising fact regarding the legendary treasure of One Piece.

Seeing the clues, Gol D Roger was not the first to find and know the legendary treasure.

There is some evidence and clues from Oda as to why Roger wasn't the first.

The following is a discussion about Oda's surprise about Roger who was not the first to find One Piece's treasure.

As is known in chapter 506 when Rayleigh told Roger's flashback.

It is said that the Roger pirates were indeed disbanded on orders from the captain himself.

One by one Roger's crew began to disappear without a word.

Then Roger was known to surrender to the Navy.

The Pirate King was then captured and taken to his hometown Logue Town in East Blue.

It was the city where Roger was publicly executed.

According to Rayleigh, the World Government and the Navy at that time did not think that their plan would lead to disaster.

At first they held a public execution to warn all the other pirates.

But Roger's words before his death changed things for the worse and started a new era of pirates.

"My treasure? If you want to take it, go and find it. I left it somewhere," said Roger.

In his final seconds, Roger actually ignited a very big fire for pirates around the world with his statement.

But have you ever asked who actually first said the word One Piece?

Because in fact, the former Pirate King didn't even mention the treasure he left behind as One Piece in his speech before his death.

But interestingly, the word One Piece itself is already known to the world as a legendary treasure that can be found in the ocean.

So that when the execution took place, there was someone who asked about whether Roger had found the legendary treasure.

From that moment we know that the issue of the legendary treasure called One Piece has indeed become an open secret that is known to anyone who wants to sail.

So most likely the first person to mention the treasure as One Piece is the World Government.

Because as it is known that the information owned by the World Government is usually information that is always disseminated to people around the world.

Moreover, it was extremely difficult for ordinary people to be able to obtain information related to things left behind by people from the Void Century.

Those were some clues from Oda why Roger wasn't the first to find the One Piece treasure.

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