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One Piece 1049 Not Sun God Nika Luffy, World Government Afraid that the Straw Hat Ancient Weapon is Uranus

Until One Piece 1049, there are a lot of things that are quite interesting to discuss.

The more chapters Oda has launched, so that in One Piece 1049 there have been many theories that fans have expressed.

This time the One Piece 1049 theory will discuss what the World Government is actually afraid of.

Fans mentioned that until One Piece 1049, it wasn't Sun God Nika Luffy, but the ancient weapon of Uranus that the World Government was actually afraid of.

It is predicted that this ancient weapon of Uranus whose shape and form is not yet known is actually Luffy himself.

It is known that in the world of One Piece there are three kinds of ancient weapons, each of which has tremendous power.

The ancient weapons are Pluton, Poseidon and Uranus.

Pluton and Poseidon, both have been known as to what.

However, Uranus' ancient weapon, until the latest One Piece chapter is not yet known what it looks like.

Until many fans speculate that the ancient weapon of Uranus is actually Luffy.

Uranus' ancient weapon was one of the World Government's weaknesses they feared.

Even though the World Government has high power and power in the One Piece world, there are still things they are afraid of.
So far we have known that the World Government is afraid of Sun God Nika who is Luffy's awakened devil fruit.

Besides Sun God Nika Luffy, it turns out that they are also afraid of the existence of Uranus' ancient weapon.

The power of the ancient weapons of Uranus itself is believed to have tremendous power.

So it makes sense if the ancient weapon is a threat and one of the things that is now feared by the World Government.

Until they cover up the existence of these ancient weapons.

In One Piece chapter 277, Professor Clover also emphasized that the government is more afraid of the ideals of the ancient kingdom.

Where the combination of the three ancient weapons was able to realize the ideals of the ancient kingdom.

The aspiration of the ancient kingdom is speculated by fans is to unite all races in the world of One Piece.

Also mentioned by fans, if the combination of ancient weapons is able to destroy the World Government which is the ideal of the ancient kingdom.

The trick is to destroy the Red Line that separates the ocean areas in the world of One Piece.

The Red Line is also the place where the headquarters of the World Government or Marigoise is located.

The World Government is also aware that if the Red Line is destroyed, then the surrounding areas that have been separated can unite.

If the region unites, then the differentiated races will unite, and take revenge for the World Government's unfair attitude towards them before.

And the leader of the combined race that will destroy the World Government is believed to be Monkey D Luffy.

In other words, Uranus' ancient weapon that has that power is none other than Luffy.

But that's all just a theory expressed by fans, which aims as mere entertainment.

The truth of the story and the real facts about Luffy, the ancient weapon of Uranus and his relationship with the World Government, of course only Oda Sensei knows.

This article is just a collection of theories expressed by fans for the purpose of entertainment and not to preempt the actual content of the story.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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