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One Piece 1049 : The Blackbeard Pirate Crew Successfully Enters Wano Kuni, Turns Out to be a CP0 Agent

Approaching One Piece 1049, it is indicated that the Blackbeard pirate crew has arrived at Wano Kuni.

From the indications that exist until One Piece 1049, this Blackbeard pirate crew did a perfect disguise at Wano Kuni.

Understandably, this Blackbeard pirate crew until One Piece 1049 proved to be good at disguises.

There are interesting things to discuss from the scene of Yonkou Kaido beating one of the CP0 agents.

This CP0 agent was beaten by Kaido for interfering with his fight with Luffy.

After this incident, another CP0 agent is shown wearing a hat.

There are suspicions that arise when I see this one CP0 agent.

From the way he holds the hat and poses, it is possible that the real identity of this CP0 agent will be revealed.

If you look closely, the way you hold the hat looks identical to that of one of the Blackbeard Pirates.

As for one of the Blackbeard pirate crew in question is Laffitte.

Laffite himself is known to have an eccentric appearance with his trademark hat.

Could it be that Laffitte is undercover as a CP0 agent to get the information he needs.

For example, information about the location of the Road Poneglyph stone in Wano Kuni.

If you look at the percentage, it is possible that the CP0 agent is Laffitte.

Moreover, Laffitte has an unquestionable disguise ability.

Just watch when Laffite easily disguises himself and can get into Mariejoa.

Laffitte casually managed to enter Mariejoa.

This indicates how great Laffitte's ability to disguise and sneak into an area is.

Thus the discussion of One Piece 1049 regarding the Blackbeard pirate crew, Laffitte disguised as a CP0 agent to enter Wano Kuni.

Of course, the truth of this discussion can be answered with the truth as the story of One Piece 1049 and its latest chapters goes.

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