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One Piece 1049 : Luffy Dragon's Father Will Make Wano Kuni His Territory

Luffy's father, Monkey D Dragon, apparently will prevent the World Government's evil plan against Wano Kuni in One Piece 1049.

From the facts that exist to One Piece 1049, the evil plans of this World Government are closely related to the weapons factory and Wano's natural resources.

In fact, it is not impossible that in the end Dragon will make Wano one of his domains.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1049 regarding the Dragon that will thwart the World Government's mission for the land of Wano.

The arms trade storyline was first introduced in the Dressrosa Arc.

That is when the Revolutionary Army came to Dressrosa to investigate the dark arms trade network

Sabo explained at the time that based on their discovery, Dressrosa was a delivery point for weapons for sale on the black market and the weapons were manufactured elsewhere.

After the Dressrosa Arc, it is shown Koala approaching Dragon with all reports regarding its findings.
It said that the weapons traded on the black market contained a special type of metal.

Dragon then responded by asking Koala if he had ever heard of, "Drunken Iron Ore".

Meanwhile, now we all know that Drunken Iron is like Sea Stone aka Sea Stone, a rare mineral found in the land of Wano Kuni.

The connection of the two was confirmed when Tama showed Udon to Luffy at the start of the Wano Arc.

Later it was also explained that the slave mines and Wano factory were used to produce weapons which were then traded in exchange for the Smiles produced by Caesar.

Those are all the reasons why a CP0 agent class can be in Wano from the start.

After Doflamingo's fall, they no longer had the power to hide behind the scenes and had to negotiate with Orochi directly.

This links us back to Dragon's words after Koala's report.

He commented that the fall of the Donquixote family would have far-reaching repercussions, as the many countries involved in the network and the World Government would not sit idly by if their schemes were undermined.

But things don't go smoothly for renegotiation, Orochi is too confident because he has Kaido's support and demands something they can't agree to, namely dr. Vegapunk.

There was no way the World Government would agree to give up one of their most valuable assets in exchange.

Then in chapter 1028, it is said that the World Government will only attack and take over Wano if Kaido is defeated.

So what's the reason? Because they hoped to keep this business deal with him and Wano was the source of the weapons they wanted.

They needed this weapon to fight against the Dragon and the Revolutionary Army which was getting stronger by the day.

The same implication can be found again in chapter 1044 where the Gorosei look worried that they have made Kaido angry.

It was probably because they could have ruined the prospect of a renegotiated deal with Kaido.

Before the war in Wano began, Kaido seemed to have made preparations to renegotiate this deal.

Even though Doflamingo had fallen, he had already thought of an intermediary figure who would be his successor.

The successor figure is most likely someone familiar and he is Wapol.

Wapol is known to be revealed as royalty through his Cover Story.

The title was given because of his success in starting a toy-making business using a material called Wapometal.

Then at the Levely, Vivi questioned how Wapol regained his aristocratic status.

Wapol just responded with a laugh and said, "Interesting isn't it?".

At that time it was very likely that Wapol would not be granted his nobility status because of the success of his business.

Instead, the World Government gave the status to the achievements of its toy factory just to cover up the mass production of weapons it mediated.

Wapol would be the perfect replacement for Doflamingo as an intermediary in this trading network.

He was a noble, so no one would suspect him especially with his toy business that could be used as a disguise.

Going back to the start, it's important to remember that investigating this arms trade network is the main reason why the Revolutionary Army is in Dressrosa.

They intend and aim to dismantle the weapons network.

We already know that Dragon originally planned to have Reverie as the stage where he would declare the Revolutionary Army's open war against the Tenryuubito, but that didn't work.

So what is a better alternative way to make the declaration? Namely by dismantling all their dark arms trade network.

So it is very possible for the Revolutionary Army to move to Wano at the end of this arc to prevent the World Government from maintaining control of their weapons source there.

This will be a very important victory over the World Government before the final war begins.

But it's also very likely that the World Government will not wait to see if Kaido will be defeated or not.

They already thought that the deal was irreparable.

So it is very likely that the World Government will now move to unilaterally take over the natural resources in Wano.

Even if one assault fleet didn't succeed, they would send other reinforcements including Admirals.

But if they somehow found a way to renegotiate their deal with Kaido, Dragon would likely take action to prevent that from happening.

That is by going to Wano with the Revolutionary Army.

In conclusion, this arms trade storyline might be the trigger for the first conflict after the Wano Arc ended.

The World Government will move to take direct control and this is something the Revolutionary Army will try to prevent.

It's also not impossible that Wano in One Piece 1049 or the next chapters will be under the protection of the Revolutionary Army after Dragon managed to thwart their plans.

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