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One Piece 1048 : Defeat to Song Kaido, Sun God Luffy's True Power Will Activate at Dawn


The Straw Hat captain Monkey D Luffy is allegedly going to lose once again by Kaido in One Piece 1048.

From the facts that exist until One Piece 1048, Kaido will only be defeated by Luffy at sunrise or dawn.

Because of the power of the Sun God, the Straw Hat captain only really activates at dawn.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1048 regarding the awakening of the power of the Sun God Luffy.

Luffy is allegedly not going to beat Kaido with his giant punch.

Kaido as it is known has hinted that devil fruit abilities are weaker than the power of haki or willpower.

That's what he expressed when he said that the power of a devil fruit alone is not enough to conquer the oceans, haki is more important than anything else.

It seems Kaido himself realized that Luffy who relied on his devil fruit power would not be enough to be able to take him down.

Then a popular theory states that Luffy's Will of D is related to the effects obtained from Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is known to give strength to the body and also comes from the sun.‍

Even the sun can be said to be the best source of Vitamin D.

This is then supported by several clues that suggest that the power of the Sun God Luffy will really activate at the right time.
Allegedly Oda is still hiding or holding Luffy's trump card until the right time.

This is related to the suspicion of many fans towards Luffy as the Sun God who until now has not shown any power related to the sun.

This is also supported by the fact that Kaido has dodged two of Luffy's fire-based attacks such as Red Hawk and Red Roc.

Some say that the fire came from Ace's determination as a fire element user which was passed on to his younger brother, Luffy.

There is also a mention that Gear 5th Luffy has a blood relationship with Lunarian based on their eye pattern.

But it can be concluded that so far when Luffy is in Gear 5th, he has never once issued a fire-based or sun-related move.

So based on the available evidence, it is alleged that Luffy's fight against Kaido will end at sunrise and we have not yet reached that point.

This will relate to how Vitamin D derived from sunlight will provide additional energy to the human body.
If this really happened, then Kaido indirectly still kept his trump card because the dawn was still long.

So that when Luffy is defeated for the last time by Kaido's new power and some time after the sun rises, then his Sun God's true power will appear.

That is the absolute power of Luffy's devil fruit, nicknamed Nika the Sun God.

Because so far in the story, all those who are called gods like the God of Lightning Enel are naturally able to control the elements of their nicknames.
So that when the power is active, Luffy will more or less release elements related to the sun.

This is also reinforced by the similarity of Wano's storyline to Thriller Bark.

During the Thriller Bark Arc, the sun's rays will kill Luffy and the Straw Hat crew who have been possessed by a shadow.

Then he said that the God of Thunder was a nickname for someone who could control the power of lightning.
Then until now the power that Luffy got was only from sunlight reflected from the moon.

This is also reinforced by Oda who introduced and described Nika in front of the moon.

So this will go into Blackbeard's theory which is said to be weaker during the day and stronger at night.

In contrast to Luffy, the Straw Hat captain will actually be stronger during the day.
So with this, Luffy will lose again for the last time and while waiting for the sun to rise, Zoro will hold Kaido down.

Because as we know that the Wano Arc, which is said to be Zoro's arc, seems to be less related to him.

Zoro's involvement in this arc is not as much as Sanji's in the Whole Cake Island arc.

Furthermore, the storyline this time will be the opposite of Thriller Bark.
When the rising sun on Thriller Bark was supposed to hurt them, now that moment will save Luffy.

And this is the dawn that the people of Wano have been waiting for, which at the same time gives strength to the Sun God Nika.

In this moment Luffy will get his true power and defeat Kaido.

The fact about the true power of the Sun God Luffy will certainly be stronger in One Piece 1048 or the next chapters.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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