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Boruto: The Right Way to Save Amado!

Boruto: The Right Way to Save Amado!

What is the fate of Amado after the Code kidnaps? 

Will Amado's life be saved or will the story end here? This is the big question for fans of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. 

As we know from what happened in the latest chapter, Amado's life is in danger.

In yesterday's chapter 70, we saw how Eida and Code finally managed to kidnap Amado away from Konoha. 

They returned to their base in one of Boro's secret facilities. 

This happened after Shikamaru's offer to meet Kawaki was ultimately rejected by Eida. 

Eida apparently saw Shikamaru's true intentions with his Senrigan.

Panicking because Kawaki was heading to the lab, Eida asked Code to leave Konoha immediately. 

And finally, using the Claw Marks Code managed to take Amado away from Konoha. 

There was nothing Shikamaru could do at that time, and Kawaki came too late to save Amado.

Arriving at their operational headquarters, Code did not take long to then force Amado to release the limiter in him. 

Amado was finally forced to comply with the wishes of Code after he was unable to withstand the torture he received. 

After the limiter in Code is released, he then plans to kill Amado's life.

What is the fate of Amado?

Boruto: The Right Way to Save Amado!
The fans were also curious about the fate of Amado where his life was really threatened by Code. 

However, if you look at what has happened so far in the story, it is unlikely that Amado will just die. 

Amado is one of the important characters who appear in the series. 

There are still many mysteries about Amado that Kishimoto has not presented in the story.

With so many unanswered mysteries, it would be very disappointing if Amado had to die. 

On the other hand, Kawaki still has a big grudge against Amado. 

He still had many big questions, including why he was so obsessed with the Karma that was within him.

Based on this, Kawaki certainly will not remain silent. Kawaki will definitely try to save Amado's life. 

How to? 

Through the same way as Code, namely through the former Claw Marks he left behind. 

In chapter 70 yesterday there were still traces of Claw Marks left in Amado's lab.

Shikamaru had asked Kawaki to remove it with the Sukunahikona technique. 

However, this can certainly be used by Kawaki to go to where Code is and save Amado. 

However, so far only Code and subjects he invites or touches can enter or go through Claw Marks. 

It is still not known whether other people can at will through this object.

If even then Kawaki can't use the former Claw Marks that Code left, he can use the teleportation Ninjutsu from his Karma. 

By opening the portal from Karma, Kawaki can go anywhere including where Amado is. 

This is probably the most logical way to go back to using Claw Marks.

How to Save Amado in Boruto

Boruto: The Right Way to Save Amado!

Previously, Sasuke had managed to investigate Boro's secret facility which was in the territory of the Snow country. 

Having already known the exact location, Sasuke and the others could have gone straight there to save Amado. 

Unfortunately, with Sasuke having lost the Rinnegan it means that it can no longer do that.

However, learned from Sasuke that if Code later found out about the facility he might as well go straight to where Amado is. 

Sasuke might be able to give Kawaki and Boruto his complete coordination point and then they can create a portal where everyone can go. 

This means that Amado's chance to be saved is still very large.

We can also see Amado's opportunity to still live and appear in the story from the figure of Kashin Koji. 

For a long time there has been no news about his status after the defeat to Isshiki, the fans themselves still believe that Kashin Koji is still alive. 

Some fans believe that Kashin Koji is in a place to heal his wounds.

So, the conclusion is that it is very likely that Amado will still not be killed in the Boruto series. 

There are still several ways that Naruto and the others can use to save Amado. 

One of the biggest reasons why Amado will still be alive is because he still has a huge mystery yet to be revealed. 

We look forward to the continuation of the story in the upcoming Boruto chapter!

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