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One Punch Man: Is Garou Evil?

One Punch Man: Is Garou Evil?

Garou is one of the villains who is quite popular among One-Punch Man fans. In fact, you could say Garou is another popular character besides Saitama. 

Garou's strength and prowess and popularity as a villain is no less flashy than the figure of Orochi, the king of monsters, or Boros, who is a powerful villain from another planet.

At the beginning of his appearance, the figure of Garou was introduced as an evil character. 

He tries to destroy all existing heroes, and proves himself that he is an extraordinary villain. 

However, by looking at Garou's past story, of course, it makes us wonder if Garou is really a bad person?

Is Garou Evil?

In a flashback of Garou's past, it is known that since childhood Garou has had sympathy for monsters or villains. 

When the rest of his friends were discussing about how the heroes who beat a villain were so excited, little Garou saw it from another angle. 

He thought it was the villain who was better than the hero, because he was able to withstand the attacks of several heroes at once.

In addition, Garou thinks that the heroes are actually evil because they have to face monsters and villains in groups. 

It is this difference that makes Garou shunned by his friends and also this difference that makes Garou what he is today.

As Garou grows up, he becomes a student of the legendary S class hero, Silver Fang or Bang. 

However, Garou thinks that what he is doing doesn't make him strong and he wants something new and makes him strong. 

On top of that, he was also dissatisfied with the mindset of being a hero.

One Punch Man: Is Garou Evil?

From then on, Garou decided to leave Bang's dojo and then he taught himself the various powerful techniques he used when fighting. 

Garou challenges heroes from class C to class S. 

Garou not only fights, but also observes and imitates their fighting abilities.

As a result, he had now managed to perfect his power to an extraordinary extent. 

He managed to defeat Castle Prisoners Castle, Superalloy Darkshine, and various other powerful heroes. Garou also really turned into a terrible figure and almost invincible. 

This was shown in the latest chapter yesterday, where he managed to destroy the body of Centi Sennin.

Although he is often seen as a villain, in fact often what he does is similar to what the heroes do. 

For example, he saved a helicopter containing the victims of a monster fight from the attack of the Centi Sennin. 

He also once saved a little boy named Takeo from bullying. 

Garou has a good side in him, especially towards children and victims, both monsters and heroes.

One Punch Man: Is Garou Evil?

Even in chapter 157 yesterday, when he fought against Evil Ocean Water and Sage Centipede, Garou really prioritized the evacuation of the civilians. 

Garou even allowed his body to be attacked by the monstrous monster so that the civilians could survive.

And one of the interesting moments from Garou's heroic side is when he jumps at the news helicopter and scares him. 

This is so that they can leave the location of the fight and not become victims. 

This action is representative of what Garou believes, where in the end what he does is still based on the desire to protect the weak.

Does It Mean Garou Is Good?

With the explanation above, of course the big question is, does it mean that Garou is a good person? The answer is no. 

What he does to the heroes, where he destroys and defeats them, and how Garou wants to destroy the hero association so that everyone can recognize and know the evil side he has can be proof that there is also an evil side in Garou.

His belief that the heroes are the real villains is based on what happened in his childhood. 

And it continues to grow until now. Garou was not a good person, even though he displayed the attitude and behavior of a hero. 

He is trying to destroy the world and the heroes.

With what Garou has presented in the One-Punch Man story so far, it seems quite reasonable for Garou to be called an anti-hero. 

This is because he moves according to what he believes and feels, regardless of whether it's doing good like saving civilians, or being evil like attacking heroes.

One Punch Man: Is Garou Evil?

Even in chapter 161 yesterday, when Saitama faced Garou, Saitama could easily destroy Garou. 

However, Saitama himself admits that Garou is not a monster or villain who needs to be killed or defeated. 

Saitama saw for himself that Garou didn't have any malicious intentions like what he said.

So, in conclusion, Garou is not a good person. 

However, he was neither a villain nor a monster. 

Garou only moved according to the belief he had in him. 

If Garou was really evil, there might have been chaos and destruction long ago. 

Garou would probably be more appropriately called an anti-hero.

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