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One Piece: Shanks' 3 Greatest Duels That Are Very Deadly!

One Piece: Shanks' 3 Greatest Duels That Are Very Deadly!

Known as one of the four rulers of the ocean aka Yonko in the One Piece story, Shanks is indeed known as one of the strongest pirates in the series. 

Being one of the Yonko means that Shanks' abilities are not arbitrary. 

So far, Shanks is almost never shown fighting in full in the story.

The figure of Shanks is indeed known as one of the "unique" Yonko because he is the only one who does not have the ability of a devil fruit. Shanks is known to only rely on his very powerful Haki. 

Even so, he was able to compete or even rival the other Yonko in terms of strength. 

In fact, many people are reluctant and afraid of Shanks even though he doesn't have a devil fruit. 

Here are three of Shanks' biggest fights, which are testament to the awesomeness of his power.

1. Shanks vs Whitebeard

One Piece: Shanks' 3 Greatest Duels That Are Very Deadly!

The biggest fight Shanks ever had was probably when he fought the most powerful human in the world, as well as one of the Yonko, Whitebeard.

 The two met after the Ennies Lobby arc, where Shanks went to see Whitebeard to ask him to withdraw Ace from his quest to find Blackbeard. 

Shanks understands that Ace isn't strong enough to take on Blackbeard yet.

However, Whitebeard thought otherwise. 

Whitebeard felt that what Ace did was the right thing to do. Because this meeting did not find common ground, the two were finally forced to fight.

As shown in the story, the battle between the two was really very fierce. 

In fact, to the point of making the sky split in two, like when Roger fought Whitebeard.

2. Shanks vs Blackbeard

One Piece: Shanks' 3 Greatest Duels That Are Very Deadly!

Blackbeard and Shanks have quite a long history with each other. 

The two of them have met each other since they were both regular crew members, both in the Whitebeard and Roger pirate groups. 

After that, they also often fought each other, and even Blackbeard gave a scar that we can still see on Shanks' left eye.

According to Shanks, he did not underestimate Blackbeard so that Blackbeard could injure Shanks' figure. 

However, all that happened because Blackbeard did have the ability to be able to hurt Shanks. 

Unfortunately, the fight between them is not shown in the story, just a reference. 

One of the reasons why they then fought each other was because Shanks wanted to stop Blackbeard's ambition to rule the world.

3. Shanks vs Dracule Mihawk

One Piece: Shanks' 3 Greatest Duels That Are Very Deadly!

Shanks and Dracule Mihawk are known to be eternal rivals. They have often fought and complained about each other's abilities. 

According to Whitebeard, the fight between them can be said to be very legendary, and every time a fight between them occurs, it is certain that it will "resonate" throughout the Grand Line. 

Based on the available information, Mihawk often looks for Shanks' whereabouts to challenge him to fight.

Proving who is the best could be the motive of Mihawk to always challenge Shanks in a duel. 

Unfortunately, up until now, it was still unknown if any of them won or lost and their battles were never shown. 

After Shanks lost his arm, Mihawk was no longer interested in being a rival or fighting with Shanks.

More or less, it has been more than 20 years for Shanks to become a pirate at the age of about 39 years. 

And it's been more than about six years that Shanks has held the title as a Yonko. 

Of course there have been many enemies that Shanks has faced during his career as a pirate and the three examples above are some of the greatest duels experienced by Shanks.

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