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One Piece 1048: Sabo Becomes the Weak Point of Ryokugyu's Devil Fruit Power

One of the characters that was still mysterious until One Piece 1048 was Ryokugyu.

Speculation regarding the power of the Ryokugyu devil fruit is still often discussed until this One Piece 1048.

One of them has to do with the fact that Ryokugyu fasted for three years.

The following is a discussion about the Ryokugyu devil fruit which is still mysterious until One Piece 1048.

One theory says that this Green Bull is the Lurking Legend that Oda Sensei had talked about.

In fact, it is also said that he will come to Wano and become Luffy's next enemy after defeating Kaido.

It is said that the devil fruit is a Zoan type with the name Hito Hito no Mi Mythology Zoan model Sanka.

Previously, when it came to admirals in the Navy, they had Logia-type devil fruit abilities.

However, after the arrival of Fujitora, who is a Paramecia type, then there is a possibility that Ryokugyu is also a Paramecia or, as the previous theory says, Zoan.

However, if he has a Zoan-type devil fruit, it doesn't seem like any animal can fast for three years, except for the Mythical Zoan.

As a living being, it is certainly difficult to survive for three years without water.

Therefore, it is likely that he has the ability to sustain life through photosynthesis like plants.

Why plants? This refers to the color identified with the Ryokugyu which is green, leading to speculation that its powers are related to plants or nature.

There are various kinds of plants that can be used as a reference as the devil fruit of the Green Bull, but it is possible that it becomes the forest itself.

In addition, there are allegations that his abilities are more similar to the power of Bege's devil fruit, namely the Shiro Shiro no Mi, and may be named Mori Mori no Mi.

Bege's ability to turn his body into a castle is an interesting ability, as is creating an alter ego within yourself.

Therefore, just like Nika, it is suspected that the Sun God also has his own devil fruit.

However, if his strength is the forest then he has a weak point with fire. It was possible that Sabo would be a suitable opponent for him.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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