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One Piece 1046: Trafalgar D Water Law's Death in Sight!

One Piece 1046: Trafalgar D Water Law's Death in Sight!

As is known until One Piece 1046, Luffy turns out to have the same devil fruit power as Joy Boy.

Even though the power of the Joy Boy he got was tremendous, Luffy would have to pay a heavy price in One Piece 1046.

The side effect is related to Luffy's imminent death and it requires Law to perform Operation Immortality on him.

Of course, by doing this, Law's death in One Piece 1046 is in sight.

After ending up being a good person and fighting with Luffy since the Dressrosa Arc, Law certainly understands that the Straw Hat captain is the person the world has been waiting for.

Then if you look at the existing evidence when Luffy over-emphasized Joy Boy's strength, Eiichiro Oda has shown various side effects.

In the middle of the fight against Kaido in yesterday's chapter, Luffy's heartbeat suddenly stopped in the middle of the fight because he had reached his limit.

And he kept on mentioning his heartbeat which had to keep beating hard to get his stamina back.

Oda seems to emphasize the heartbeat in every awakening of Luffy's power and this could be a hint that the side effects he will receive are related to the heart.

One Piece 1046: Trafalgar D Water Law's Death in Sight!

When Luffy has reached his limit due to using too much Joy Boy's power, the effect is to stop the heartbeat aka death.

Oda himself has given instructions regarding this when Luffy was saved several times from death.

When exposed to Magellan's poison, Luffy gets a hormone injection so that it doesn't have the side effects of reducing his age.

Moreover, Luffy has received hormone injections for the second time during the Marineford war.

Even when he first used Gear 2nd, Rob Lucci also emphasized that Luffy's power was too risky because it forced the work of the heart.

Even before turning into Joy Boy, Kaido himself had stated that Luffy was dead.

To the extent that his own friends such as Kid and Law said that Luffy's heartbeat was not audible.

All of this seems to be a hint from Oda that Luffy's death is inevitable and will happen soon.

So that when Luffy uses Joy Boy's power to the limit, his heart seems to stop forever.

This is where Law will act as the owner of the Ope Ope no Mi devil fruit that can give immortality to others with Operation Immortality.

That operation will cause him to die because the Operation of Eternity has to sacrifice the lives of its users.

After Big Mom was defeated, all of Law's revenge had actually been realized.

Starting from Doflamingo who has been defeated, Big Mom who has fallen, and Kaido who will soon be defeated.

So that there will be no more role for Law in the next arc related to his personal interests.

But the truth about Law's death and Luffy's immortality will certainly be revealed in One Piece 1046.

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