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One Piece: Katakuri's Devil Fruit Form Revealed!

One Piece: Katakuri's Devil Fruit Form Revealed!

Charlotte Katakuri is one of Big Mom's three confidants. 

Even though he is not the first child, Big Mom always entrusts Totto Land and her pirate group to Katakuri. 

Just like the figure of King from the Beast pirate group, Katakuri is the most powerful figure among Big Mom's other subordinates.

This can be seen from the power of Katakuri who is known to have the power of the Mochi Mochi no Mi devil fruit and also has the Advanced Observation Haki ability, which allows him to see into the future. 

The combination of the two things made Luffy had difficulty and was overwhelmed in his fight against Katakuri.

Katakuri is also one of the toughest opponents Luffy has ever faced, apart from the figure Kaido is currently facing. 

And thanks to the combination of the power of Haki and his devil fruit, Katakuri is known to have never lost a fight. 

So it is natural that the game value is the highest among Big Mom's other men.

One Piece: Katakuri's Devil Fruit Form Revealed!

Speaking of Katakuri's devil fruit, the Mochi Mochi no Mi devil fruit is called Paramecia Special, because in addition to being able to show the power of the Paramecia devil fruit, its user can also access the power of Logia. 

When accessing Logia's power, Katakuri can transform part of his body or his entire body into mochi. And the mochi can be used to take cover, avoid attacks, or become weapons.

In One Piece Magazine Vol. 14 most recently, we finally get to see what Katakuri's devil fruit looks like. 

By design, the devil fruit is white, with an interesting threaded pattern. 

In addition, the shape of the fruit is also interesting which is similar to a room lamp. 

The devil fruit is white in color probably because it follows the color of the mochi, which is white.

In the explanation, it is stated that at a glance the power of the Mochi Mochi no Mi devil fruit looks similar to the power of Luffy's Gomu Gomu/Nika devil fruit, which relies on elasticity and epic attacks thanks to its elasticity. 

However, this devil fruit is different from Luffy's devil fruit, as it is considered a "Paramecia Special."

One Piece: Katakuri's Devil Fruit Form Revealed!

Then it is also explained that the strength level of a normal Paramecia user depends on the user's body. 

However, for the Mochi Mochi Devil Fruit, the user can restore and reunite their bodies if their bodies are destroyed. 

Or it could be that the parts of their bodies that were destroyed or separated, regenerate, which is what makes Katakuri's body similar to a Logia user.

And this is also what makes the Mochi Mochi no Mi devil fruit called Paramecia Special. 

In addition, the explanation also stated that Katakuri had succeeded in awakening this devil fruit, which was proven by him being able to affect the place he stepped on and the walls around him became like mochi and were able to control Katakuri.

Thanks to Katakuri who has awakened the power of the Mochi Mochi no Mi, he is also able to use a continuous punch technique made of mochi and coated with Haki. 

So, the conclusion is that Mochi Mochi's devil fruit ability is at first glance similar to Luffy's nika devil fruit, but Katakuri's devil fruit is considered a Paramecia Special because of its ability to imitate Logia abilities.

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