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5 Facts about Pachinko, the Drama Starring Lee Min Ho Makes Korean Netizens Proud


 The Korean drama Pachinko starring Lee Min Ho premiered today, March 25, 2022 on Apple TV.

Prior to its premiere, Pachinko had received a standing ovation from fans who were looking forward to his performance. 

Korean netizens are also proud because Pachinko has received international support.

With a total of eight episodes, the Korean drama Pachinko will air every Friday at 14.00 WIB on Apple TV.

Here are the facts of the Korean drama Pachinko that make Korean netizens proud:

1. Lee Min Ho Must Audition

Pachinko marks Lee Min Ho's comeback as well as his international debut. 

He last starred in the Korean drama The King Eternal: Monarch in 2020.

Lee Min Ho's appearance was even more special because the actor did not receive an offer to star in the Korean drama Pachinko and passed the audition process.

"It's been 13 years since I last auditioned so I almost forgot the process," Lee Min Ho recalled as reported by allkpop.

The 34-year-old actor is also proud that he got his role because of his efforts, not his popularity. 

Through Pachinko, fans will see Lee Min Ho speaking in Korean, English, and Japanese

2. Lee Min Ho Appears in Hot Scenes

In the Korean drama Pachinko, Lee Min Ho collided acting with a number of Korean-blooded actors and actresses.

Like Jin Ha, who plays Solomon, Sunja's grandson.

Lee Min Ho stars as Koh Hansu, a fish broker who is tied to the yakuza (or organized crime groups in Japan).

Then there is Minha Kim who became Sunja in her teens.

As seen in the trailer for the Korean drama Pachinko, Minha Kim has a hot scene with Lee Min Ho.

There is also Youn Yuh Jung, the main character in the Korean drama Pachinko who plays Sunja in old age.

The veteran Korean actress won an Oscar for her performance in the film Minari.

3. Synopsis of Pachinko

The Korean drama Pachinko is adapted from a fictional novel by Min Jin Lee, a Korean writer who grew up in the United States.

Her work was included in The New York Times' list of the 10 Best Books in 2017.

Synopsis Pachinko will follow the story of a woman named Sunja until she is 80 years old and has grandchildren.

She was born in the 1910s and experienced Japanese colonialism in his hometown of Busan.

As a teenager, Sunja (Minha Kim) met broker Koh Hansu (Lee Min Ho) and became pregnant with his child.

She was heartbroken when she found out the man she loved was married.

Sunja finally chooses to be with another man and migrates to Osaka, Japan to raise her child. She hopes to create a happy family there.

However, she must survive as a Zainachi (a South Korean who migrated to Japan and experienced discrimination). 

Pachinko itself is the name of a type of gambling game that the Sunja family usually plays. She finally started a pachinko playground in Osaka.

Korean drama Pachinko makes netizens proud and proves Lee Min Ho's popularity

4. Pachinko Makes Korean Netizens Proud

British media, NME had the opportunity to watch the Korean drama Pachinko the day before its broadcast on Apple TV.

Even though it has a back and forth plot and shows Sunja's life from childhood, adolescence, to adulthood, Pachinko's storyline is considered to be uncomplicated.

In addition, the Korean drama Pachinko raises a topic that is considered sensitive (the Japanese colonial period) with an extraordinary storyline and actor acting.

Rhian Daly from NME called Pachinko as one of the best Korean dramas that made the audience rejoice.

The same thing was conveyed by Kristen Baldwin of New York-based media, Entertainment Weekly.

He rated Pachinko as the best Korean drama of the year. With positive reviews from the international scene, Korean netizens are also proud of Pachinko's achievements.

"I have to subscribe to Apple TV now," "I'm very excited to watch it," "I hope this drama is really successful," "This is amazing," commented a number of netizens on online forums.

5. Pachinko Proves Lee Min Ho's Popularity

Pachinko also has the support of Lee Min Ho's fans in Argentina and Chile.

They rented billboard advertisements to show trailers for the Korean drama Pachinko.

As reported by allkpop, Korean netizens were impressed by what their fans were doing. They did not expect the actor to be so popular in foreign countries.

"They are really amazing," "I didn't know Lee Min Ho was this popular overseas," "The international fans are amazing," "I feel Lee Min Ho is really the most popular Korean actor overseas," commented a number netizens on online forums.

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