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One Piece: Luffy Loses, Who Defeats Kaido?

One Piece: Luffy Loses, Who Defeats Kaido?

The battle situation in Onigashima doesn't seem to be going according to what One Piece fans expect. 

As we know, many fans assume that the fight between Luffy and Kaido will be very epic. 

This is the battle of the two strongest pirates in the series. And so far this has been proven.

Since the beginning of the fight, there are many epic moments that appear. 

For example, when Luffy finally realized how Kaido could become strong by using Advanced Conqueror Haki to coat his body to be resistant to any attack, as well as layer his attacks so that the attacks he launched many times could be more powerful.

The moment Luffy was finally able to match Kaido's strength became one of the memorable moments in this battle. 

However, you also certainly know how Luffy is not easy to be in his current position. 

He had lost several times and was unconscious, before Luffy realized about Advanced Conqueror Haki. 

And the same thing happened again in this chapter 1042.

One Piece: Luffy Loses, Who Defeats Kaido?

Luffy is shown having to go back to losing to Kaido and unconscious, after his attention was distracted by the appearance of the boss CP-0. 

The Gorosei gave orders to CP-0 in Onigashima to finish off Luffy. 

Even though they knew that it would be something difficult to do, but in the end the boss CP-0 still carried out the order.

When he arrived at the roof of Kaido's palace, Luffy was surprised by his appearance which distracted Luffy's concentration. 

Finally, Kaido managed to attack Luffy with his kanabo. 

This had made Kaido remember the moment of his battle with Kozuki Oden 20 years ago, where Oden was distracted due to Kurozumi Higurashi's actions.

With Luffy currently defeated and unconscious, the question then who will stop Kaido now? 

Of all Luffy's alliances that still survive to this day, it seems not many people are able to defeat Kaido. 

First, maybe we will see how Kaido fights against Kid and Law.

One Piece: Luffy Loses, Who Defeats Kaido?

The two pirates did say that they no longer had the strength to fight, let alone fight Kaido, after they had just finished facing Big Mom. 

However, they are both the strongest pirates in the Straw Hat alliance apart from Luffy so high hopes are in their hands.

The next possibility, although this method is a less effective method, is worth trying. 

All surviving samurai, ninjas and alliances unite and go to the roof of Kaido's castle. 

They can all attack Kaido at the same time, which will probably be enough for Kaido to get in the way and have a good chance of winning.

Third, the figure who might be able to defeat Kaido in place of Luffy is Yamato. 

Yamato always tries to beat his father. 

And in the previous chapter, Yamato had time to fight against Kaido in order to give time for Luffy who fell into the sea to regain consciousness and return to the roof of the palace.

One Piece: Luffy Loses, Who Defeats Kaido?

Yamato himself will not be able to win a landslide victory from Kaido, but with Kaido's condition which has begun to weaken as it is now, it seems that Yamato can take advantage of this as an opportunity to be able to take revenge for what he has done to Yamato and realize one of his dreams.

Finally, the person who might be able to defeat Kaido is Momonosuke. How could Momonosuke win the fight against Kaido? Geeks of course remember that currently Zunesha is in Wano. 

And chapter 1041 also shows how Zunesha has been waiting for Momonosuke for a long time. 

He wanted to fight alongside Momo and he was ready with Momo's various orders.

One Piece: Luffy Loses, Who Defeats Kaido?

Momo will not fight directly with Kaido, but he can order Zunesha to destroy Kaido. 

We still don't know how big the power level of Zunesha is, but maybe Zunesha is considered strong enough to be able to beat Kaido. 

At least make Kaido unconscious, until Luffy regains consciousness and recovers.

Among the four possibilities that occurred, the most plausible is the last possibility where Zunesha who might defeat Kaido replaces Luffy. 

It could be, this is the real purpose of Zunesha appearing in Wano. 

Help Momonosuke to save Wano, by defeating Kaido. 

What do you think?

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