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One Punch Man: Who is Blast's Enemy?

One Punch Man: Who is Blast's Enemy?

The number 1 hero of the hero association in the One-Punch Man series, Blast, is the most mysterious figure because his figure has never been shown. 

People only know about the Blast figure, but they never know what the Blast looks like. 

Only a handful of people know and have even met Blast in person.

However, for the first time, Blast finally appeared physically in the Monster Association arc. 

In the previous chapter it was shown how the figure of Blast appeared in front of Flashy Flash and Saitama, who were trapped underground. 

Blast himself then introduced himself to the two of them, before then helping them to get out of there.

Blast has indeed become the number one hero figure, aka the most powerful in the entire hero association. 

He also very rarely appears to help defeat other monsters or villains. 

Many are curious about what exactly Blast is doing, so he can't appear often and help other heroes. Chapter 155 seemed to be able to provide an answer to that question.

One Punch Man: Who is Blast's Enemy?

As shown in the chapter, the battle seems to be nearing its climax. 

Garou is shown succeeding in destroying another top monster association, Platinum Sperm. 

On the other hand, Tatsumaki was in a state of unconsciousness after putting all his might into fighting multiple enemies at once. 

Tatsumaki himself was then surprised by the appearance of his idol, Blast.

Blast then says that Tatsumaki can defeat all the monsters that exist if he is willing to accept the tremendous power that is lent. 

The only condition is to hold or hold his hand. 

However, Tatsumaki himself still remembers Blast's words where he must not rely on other people's strength to survive. 

Finally, Tatsumaki was able to escape the trap and his true figure was revealed.

One Punch Man: Who is Blast's Enemy?

The figure who later disguised himself as Blast turned out to be God. 

The real Blast then appears and is surprised by Tatsumaki's efforts to resist the temptation that is given to him. 

After praising Tatsumaki, Blast then asked King to take Tatsumaki away and take care of him.

Blast then opens a portal, where the portal shows readers the various silhouettes of his allies. 

According to Blast, he had to go to help those comrades because he couldn't fight alone. 

King himself could only stare at this as if he couldn't believe what he had seen.

Blast himself did not specify who his opponents and allies would be, or what he was fighting for. 

This also led to a lot of speculation among fans. 

However, it was highly likely – based on the available clues – that God was the enemy Blast and the heroes from other dimensions were facing.

God being the enemy that is being faced by Blast and other heroes is considered the most reasonable, because God is the most powerful figure in the series as well as mysterious. 

God is shown to have the ability to grant immense power to others, as he did with the Homeless Emperor. God was even able to take his life very easily.

One Punch Man: Who is Blast's Enemy?

By being the most powerful figure in all respects, it seems reasonable too if then it takes from a Blast to then be able to withstand the power of God. 

In fact, what was interesting was that Blast seemed to have the ability to detect the presence of God. 

The black squares that Blast sought and possessed were considered a way of detecting God's presence.

God's figure will likely remain a big mystery, as will Blast and all of its powers. 

It remains to be seen who exactly is being faced by Blast, and why he needs all the heroes from various dimensions to defeat the mysterious villain. 

Will Saitama then help Blast defeat the figure of God? We look forward to the continuation of the story!

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