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One Piece: Will Brook Be Dead Again?

One Piece: Will Brook Be Dead Again?

Brook is one of the unique characters that appear in the One Piece series. 

One of the crew of the Straw Hats is different from the other characters, in that he has the appearance of only bones by wearing a suit. 

In addition, Brook is also a character who is known to be immortal because he managed to rise again from the previous death.

Brook joined the Straw Hats in the Thriller Bark arc. 

Brook is one of the characters who fought with the Straw Hat crew in the arc before Luffy asked him to join. 

Brook has the nickname 'Soul King' because of his musical ability. In fact, the music he plays can influence the souls of others.

Brook is also very skilled in using the sword, he is even one of the best swordsmen. 

Prior to joining the Straw Hat crew, Brook was part of the Rumbar pirate group that sailed decades ago, long before Roger began to become a pirate. 

Brook is known to eat the Yomi Yomi no Mi devil fruit which allows him to return to life after previously being killed.

One Piece: Will Brook Be Dead Again?

Brook's soul returned to his original body, and even though his original body had "disappeared" leaving only bones, Brook was still able to come back to life. 

Brook himself is known to have died from being trapped for a long time in the Florian Triangle. 

There, he was attacked by enemy pirates who were far more powerful than them. 

And most of them are not able to survive.

Brook and the rest of his crew had to suffer from the poison coated on the enemy's weapons, and they died. 

Brook became the only one of the Rumbar pirate crew to come back alive, and he had to suffer from loneliness for decades before he met Luffy. 

With his current strength, of course, many One Piece fans are asking if Brook can die again?

One Piece: Will Brook Be Dead Again?

The exact answer to this question is still unknown, although Brook is currently known to be immortal. 

However, based on the available information, the effect of the Yomi Yomi fruit only applies once. 

The soul of this devil fruit eater will return to his body, after the first death. 

This is what needs to be underlined to answer this question.

That is, if later Brook died again, whether in a fight or whatever, then it means that his soul will not be able to return to his body because it is already a second death. 

So, can Brook be killed again? 

Based on the speculation above, the answer is yes, Brook can die again. 

Brook will not be able to rise again after this death.

However, what also becomes the next question is what is capable of killing Brook? 

In the story, we see how Brook gets stabbed, gets hit by Big Mom's devastating attacks, and so on. 

However, Brook still persists until now. 

The Yomi Yomi devil fruit seems to not only give Brook a chance to live a second time, but also gives other powerful powers, such as physical strength.

And this also seems to be evident from how Brook is able to use powerful techniques related to controlling one's soul. 

Is Brook going to die in the near future? 

Eiichiro Oda so far has not shown any signs that Brook will die. 

So, for now, it looks like Brook will continue to go on an adventure with Luffy. 

It's also interesting how later the fate of Brook after the story is finished.

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