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One Piece: Luffy Has Resurrected Gomu Gomu?

One Piece: Luffy Has Resurrected Gomu Gomu?

The current figure of Monkey D. Luffy has really grown very rapidly compared to before. 

How Luffy became strong after training for two years at Rusukaina left all fans dumbfounded. 

Luffy's strength was then increased again when fighting against Charlotte Katakuri in the Whole Cake Island arc. 

Luffy gains new powers there.

Luffy manages to unlock the highest level of Observation Haki, where he can see into the future. 

With this ability, Luffy was finally able to balance and win the battle against Katakuri. 

Arriving at Wano, Luffy returned to training after he lost to Kaido with just one attack.

Even so, Luffy still couldn't win against Kaido. Instead, Luffy lost again, as shown at the beginning of the Onigashima battle. 

However, after being revived Luffy was finally able to awaken the next level of Conqueror Haki, where he learned that that was Kaido's secret to being a strong and invincible figure. 

Kaido coats his body and attacks with Conqueror Haki.

Luffy might finally find out what Kaido's secret is. 

However, it looks like Luffy is really on another level this time as shown in chapter 1037 yesterday. 

One Piece: Luffy Has Resurrected Gomu Gomu?

What Luffy shows in his continued fight against Kaido is not Conqueror Haki or what he has learned while at Wano.

From one of the panels in chapter 1037 yesterday, it can be seen how Luffy is able to change between Gear 3, Gear 2 attacks, and combine the two, and then return to basic mode. 

If geeks pay attention to the fight between Luffy and Kaido from the start, every time Luffy launches an attack using Gear 3 attacks, this can be seen from Luffy using the Gatling technique.

That means Luffy uses all his strength to do an attack, magnifies it, and then after a moment is created Luffy will return to his normal form at full strength. 

With his high speed, full power, and layers of Conqueror Haki, Luffy's every attack is truly extraordinary. 

So it's only natural that Luffy is able to hurt Kaido.

Then, if you remember every time Luffy wants to use Gear 3 he always blows his arm to create a large size, as he has done many times in previous arcs. 

In fact, even in the fight against Katakuri Luffy still did that. 

However, if geeks pay attention, during the fight against Kaido Luffy hasn't done that at all.

Luffy hasn't blown his arm at all just to access Gear 3 during this fight against Kaido in Onigashima. 

This means that it can be assumed that Luffy, at this time, is able to easily manipulate his devil fruit. 

Luffy is indirectly able to combine all modes in one attack.

This is the same as Katakuri using his devil fruit against Luffy, and also how Kaido used his devil fruit against Luffy. 

With Luffy being able to control and manipulate Gomu Gomu's abilities, it is very likely that Luffy is currently in the stage of preparing to awaken his devil fruit powers.

Some fans may ask, what about the use of Gear 4? 

One Piece: Luffy Has Resurrected Gomu Gomu?

Most likely Gear 4 will never be used by Luffy in this fight. Luffy has indeed mastered Gear 4, so he can overcome his weakness, namely the drained energy. 

However, another major problem with Gear 4 is Haki.

Gear 4 uses a lot of Haki. Not that Luffy's Haki reserves are few, it's just that Luffy might act more wisely where he uses his Haki for other things. 

This is the reason why Luffy has not been shown using Gear 4 so far against Kaido. 

Luffy might just be using Gear 4 for his final attack.

As for now, Luffy is mostly using his Haki for other things such as coating his attacks and body. 

If Luffy can't use Haki or runs out of Haki, then he will definitely die. After all, why should Luffy use Gear 4, if he can use other attacks by combining basic, Gear 2, and Gear 3 attacks, while also layering his attacks with Conqueror Haki which has proven effective so far.

One Piece: Luffy Has Resurrected Gomu Gomu?

Luffy is now on another level. 

He is at a level where Luffy has started to master his devil fruit, and is ready to awaken or awaken his devil fruit. 

What Luffy needs to awaken his devil fruit is practice his Haki abilities. 

That is, it is only a matter of time for Luffy to then awaken his Gomu Gomu devil fruit.

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