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One Piece: 3 Things That Can Make Zoro Defeated by King!

One Piece: 3 Things That Can Make Zoro Defeated by King!

Roronoa Zoro is currently battling King, one of the strongest members of the Beast pirate group, and also one of the three All-Stars. 

This fight became one of the most epic battles in the Wano Country arc and the battle in Onigashima. 

Naturally, because they are two characters with tremendous power.

Currently, Zoro is undergoing a power increase with him starting to realize what Kozuki Oden experienced or did to Enma's sword. 

According to Zoro, Enma can be controlled and becomes extraordinary because Oden allows the sword to absorb a lot of Oden's Haki. 

Although with this "improvement" Zoro has a chance to win, but there are three things that can make Zoro lose in this battle.

1. The Effects of Drugs Given by the Mink Tribe Begin to Appear

One Piece: 3 Things That Can Make Zoro Defeated by King!

As you know, Zoro had time to fight on the roof of the palace against Kaido and Big Mom. 

Zoro even managed to cut Big Mom's fire attack. 

Zoro was also shown to have managed to withstand the combination attack launched by Kaido and Big Mom, which was enough to drain his strength. 

And the climax is Zoro using the Asura technique to injure Kaido.

The attack made Zoro finally unconscious, due to running out of stamina and also his strength was starting to weaken. 

Supposedly, Zoro rest until his body and wounds heal. However, Zoro uses a "cheat" method where he eats the medicine that dr. Miyagi. 

Even though Zoro was able to recover as before, there was an effect he had to feel afterwards. 

It could be, in the midst of the battle the effects begin to appear and Zoro will lose his power and return to unconsciousness.

2. Out of Haki

One Piece: 3 Things That Can Make Zoro Defeated by King!

As mentioned above, Zoro finally realized that Oden was able to control Enma and produce a devastating attack because he allowed Enma to absorb a lot of his Haki. 

In chapter 1033 yesterday, Zoro finally stopped limiting Enma from absorbing his Haki. 

Zoro completely freed Enma to absorb as much of his Haki as possible.

Although on the other hand this is a positive thing and a way to increase Zoro's strength, in point one it is stated that Zoro can return to what he is now due to drugs from dr. Miyagi. 

It was only a matter of time before the side effects appeared. 

With Enma absorbing large amounts of Zoro's Haki, plus the side effects of the drugs starting to appear, Zoro will definitely be exhausted. 

And this could be another factor in Zoro's defeat of King.

3. King Again Successfully Injured Zoro

One Piece: 3 Things That Can Make Zoro Defeated by King!

Chapters 1032 and 1033 show how Zoro is really frustrated in dealing with King. 

Every attack he launched at King always failed and had no effect. 

Zoro was confused about how to beat King, to the point that he had to first find out about King's origins in order to defeat him.

With Zoro's condition being critical, it is not impossible that he will get additional damage from King's attack. 

Zoro might still be able to withstand a bit of King's attack and also survive the fight. 

However, there is a possibility that Zoro will eventually fall with the amount of damage he has received from this fight.

One Piece fans predict that Zoro will be able to rise once he understands how to control Enma. 

Even so, there is also a chance for Zoro to lose. 

And the three things above might be a factor in Zoro's defeat over King. 

We'll just have to wait, Geeks, how this fight will continue in the next chapter.

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