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4 Free PC Game Download Providers

4 Free PC Game Download Providers

The game is now something that is loved by various groups.

Not only children but now the game is also enjoyed by adults or even pro players in the field of esports.

Unfortunately, not all games can be enjoyed.

Many of them are sold at high prices.

Well, for gamers who are looking for free games this article is very suitable.

This time we will discuss a platform that provides games for free.

Gamers do not need to spend the slightest budget to download available free games.

Immediately, here are 4 platforms for downloading free games on PC:

1. Steam

The name Steam is very familiar to gamers.

You could say Steam is a paradise where free game downloads.

Steam itself is a PC game sales platform under the Valve flag.

The owner, Gabe Newell, is highly respected by gamers considering he often holds cheap game events.

Although many games are sold on Steam, gamers can also find many other game titles that can be downloaded for free.

Some of them have even become popular games.

Call it Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Destiny 2, and many others.

You don't need to top up or make any transactions to download free games on Steam.

2. Epic Games Store

Platform providers of free game downloads on this one can be rivals from Steam.

Because a lot of gamers who feel upset because of some exclusive PC game titles released at the Epic Games Store.

Even so, Epic Games Store also managed to hook a lot of new gamers with the lure of free games.

Almost every week Epic Games Store provides free games to all gamers in the world.

Even some time ago Epic Games had a chance to share very popular games like GTA V.

At Epic Games Store gamers can also download popular free games, such as Fortnite, Dauntless, and many others.

3. Origin

EA, one of the big companies in the gaming industry also has a free game download platform.

The name is Origin, as the name suggests it sells the original EA game release.

Gamers can find the popular battle royale game Apex Legends at Origin.

As we know, Apex Legends was indeed released by EA.

Although not much, Origin still offers the best free games.

As a free game, Apex Legends managed to hook millions of players on the first day of release.

Gamers who want to play Apex Legends can download this game at Origin.

4. Uplay

One of the game companies from France also has a free game download platform.

Ubisoft, a company that is famous for its popular game franchises, has Uplay.

Just like other platforms, Uplay is Ubisoft's place to promote the game release.

Even so, Ubisoft also offers a trial or demo game offer on Uplay which is available for free.

In addition, some games are released with a free to play system.

One of them is like Trackmania and Hyperscape (still in the open beta stage) which has just been released.

Free games previously released are also available, such as Rabid Coding !, Might & Magic: Chess Royale, Might & Magic: Heroes Online, and The Settlers Online.

Similarly, interesting information about the platform provider of free game downloads on PC.

Guaranteed gamers do not need to spend a dime to download games on the platform that we discussed above.

Even so, some game titles do offer microtransactions in it.

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