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One Piece: The Battle of All Stars vs Flying Six

One Piece: The Battle of All Stars vs Flying Six

The third part of the Wanokuni arc turned out not only to present a battle between the pirate alliance of Luffy and Kaido (and also Big Mom), but there was also another battle namely Flying Six (Tobi Roppo) against the All-Stars team. 

This is known in chapter 979 yesterday, where at the start of the party King then explained to Kaido and Flying Six that he challenged the six tough characters.

King even said that his position could be replaced by one of the Flying Six, if they succeeded in defeating King. 

Kaido himself said that the actual battle between Flying Six and All Stars would be carried out in front of Big Mom, with the aim of showing how strong the Flying Six team was. 

Then, who will win?

One Piece: The Battle of All Stars vs Flying Six

The All Stars Team is Kaido's subordinates who have the highest "position", compared to other groups such as Flying Six, The Gifters, or Numbers. 

They contained three of Kaido's right-hand men, Queen the Plague, King the Wildfire and Jack the Drought. 

So far, only two members of the All Stars have known their strengths, Jack and Queen.

Jack had fought for days against Mink's troops and also Nekomamushi and Inuarashi, without stopping. And Jack won the fight. 

Inuarashi had to lose his leg, while Nekomamushi had to suffer severe injuries to his arm. One swing from Jack's trunk can destroy a city.

Queen the Plague is no less strong. 

He even fought against Big Mom in Udon prison, although in the end he had to lose. 

Queen managed to bring Big Mom to Onigashima thanks to Big Mom who fainted. Queen is also very skilled in making various equipment or weapons, for example the poisoned bullets in Udon prison were created by Queen.

How about King? this is a figure that is still mysterious even today. 

We still don't know to what extent King's power is, but the information so far known to King is Kaido's most powerful subordinate. 

Even compared to Queen and Jack, King is the most powerful. 

According to Big Mom, King came from a tribe that should have been extinct. So, the power can be very powerful.

Flying Six / Tobi Roppo
One Piece: The Battle of All Stars vs Flying Six

Even though the name Flying Six has long appeared, only two members have been introduced first. 

The first is X Drake and the second is Page One. 

The other four members of the Flying Six were just introduced in a few chapters ago. 

They are Who's Who, Black Maria, Sasaki, and Ulti.

For Flying Six's abilities, so far only X Drake and Page One have known their abilities. 

Page One had fought Sanji and lost. 

While X Drake, the level of strength is above Basil Hawkins and is equivalent to Trafalgar Law and Kidd. 

Meanwhile, the other four Tobi Roppo are still mysterious. 

Maybe in the fight against the All Stars later we will know the extent of its power level.

Who will win?
One Piece: The Battle of All Stars vs Flying Six

Judging from the strengths available, the ratio of wins for All Stars is 60:40. 

This means that the chances of the All Stars team winning against Tobi Roppo by 60%. 

But, keep in mind that the chance of Tobi Roppo is not 0%. 

There is still a high chance for them to be able to defeat one of the All Stars.

Indeed, it took a hard struggle for the Six Flying Six to be able to fight against the All Stars troops. 

But, whether Queen, King, or Jack seems to have been able to know the extent of the power of the Flying Six. 

This is the reason why Queen and King are so confident to challenge Flying Six, even to the point of risking their position.

But, there was something interesting in chapter 980 yesterday where Queen seemed to be targeting one of the Flying Six to be kicked out of the team. 

Although it is still unknown who the figure targeted by the Queen, but many fans are suspicious that X Drake will be removed by the Queen. 

This might have something to do with Drake's mysterious identity. 

Then the Queen may also be suspicious of Drake that he is actually a traitor. We look forward to it!

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