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How to post 'The Most Kind Person' on Instagram

How to post 'The Most Kind Person' on Instagram

The past few days Instagram users are being livened up by campaign posts calling for #WeShouldAlwaysBeKind alias 'the best person I have ever known' on Stories.

In the upload, you will see the most kind person I've ever known with an arrow, pointing to the Instagram profile photo of the person who saw the IG story.

This campaign created an account called Sulaiman Syahrod, @sulrod, to remind everyone that they are basically good.

Not a few people then want to try it until it becomes viral or a new trend.

This post is interesting because it makes a lot of people surprised to see a friend's post that is not too familiar, thinks we are the best people.

It is not known for sure whether it is true or indeed just prank.

But it succeeded in making others uncomfortable.

Sulaiman gave information in his upload, that this was intended to remind everyone that it was good.

"Hi, this is the #WeShouldAlwaysBeKind campaign that reminds that every human being is basically good. Yes, you, me, me, we all have the intuition to share kindness with others," he said in an upload.

Sulaiman also wrote, don't forget to spread the goodness even though there is only one story upload.

"Get ready for the DM sentence and good prayers from many people," he said.

Well for those of you who want to join or post similar things and are still confused about how?

Easy steps to post The Most Kind Person:

1. You screenshot the Most Kind Person template I've Ever Know which has been placed in the highlights of @sulrod's Instagram Story "Be Kind".

2. Add Comments stickers on Instagram Story. 

Be sure to increase the size, so that other people's profile photos will look clear.

You have to put the comment sticker in the right hand corner. You also need to make sure the location of the photo is near the arrow.

After that, hide the comments section that has the writing on it, so that only the profile photo is visible.

3. Give #WeShouldAlwaysBeKind

4. If you want, you can tag the @sulrod account. 

Usually the IG owner will re-upload your post.

If you've done all that, then all who watched Instagram Stories will automatically appear in the post and juxtaposed with the words 'This is the most kind person I've ever known'.

Just look at some of your friends' reactions, if you usually never communicate with them, suddenly they will greet you.

Not a few are baper because of this posting you know.

They think you think they are good people, even though they don't greet each other.

Lihat postingan ini di Instagram

Hai, ini adalah campaign #WeShouldAlwaysBeKind yang mengingatkan bahwa setiap manusia pada dasarnya baik πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Iya, kamu, aku, kita semua sudah intuisinya untuk berbagi kebaikan kepada sesama. Jangan lupa tebar kebaikan yaaa walaupun cuma satu story. Siap-siap di-DM kalimat dan doa-doa baik dari banyak orang πŸ˜‡ ✅Untuk ikutan bisa screenshoot pakai template di highlight-ku yang “Be Kind” πŸ˜‡. . ✅Terus add sticker “Comments” di instastory jangan lupa perbesar hingga maksimal dan dimepetin. . ✅Tambahin tag #WeShouldAlwaysBeKind ya πŸ†—Boleh tag aku @sulrod kalau mau dishare stories atau cerita pengalaman kamu setelah diDM banyak orang. . . . Notes: Ini adalah campaign yang awalnya hanya untuk bahagiain circle dan teman-temanku, kebetulan dulu beberapa hari lalu followers instagram ku kebanyakan berisi orang-orang terdekatku, thats why ada kata known. Dan gak disangka2 Tuhan memberikan hal yang lebih. By making more people happy, you can also get happiness in return, and it’s also contagios - kalo kata Siochoy. Terlepas banyak penilaian positif ataupun negatif terhadap campaign #WeShouldAlwaysBeKind ini, ku dengan tenang menerima apapun yang kalian rasakan, semua itu sah-sah saja, ku sebagai user experience designer selalu diajarkan untuk nerima apapun feedback dari user dan belajar untuk menjadi lebih baik dari itu. Tidak ada yang salah, maupun benar. Semua kembali lagi pada pandangan, dan experiences masing masing individu, silahkan menilai sendiri :). yang jelas niatan ku dari awal adalah mengingatkan pada dasarnya, pada fitrahnya, manusia itu baik. Baik dan tidaknya seseorang semua tergantung hal mana yang mau dipilih. Kata temanku @yosfahleza orang yang baik itu se-simple orang yang bisa membedakan mana yang baik dan mana yang buruk. As simple as that. Dengan bisa membedakan hal tersebut secara default orang itu adalah orang baik. Thanks untuk @siochoy @dimasnovriandi yang udah mendorong bahwa kebaikan bisa ditularkan dengan hal kecil. Yuk sama-sama memilih jadi orang baik untuk hari ini dan seterusnya. #WeShouldAlwaysBeKind
Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh Sulaiman Syahrod (@sulrod) pada

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