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One Piece: Oda Confirms Yonko Are Stronger Than Admirals!

One Piece: Oda Confirms Yonko Are Stronger Than Admirals!

Eiichiro Oda has finally confirmed that the Yonko are stronger than the admirals, who are the strongest force within the Navy. 

The One Piece series is currently entering its final stages, where the pinnacle of battles has already taken place. 

The epic battle is currently unfolding on Egghead Island. 

What's interesting is that the battle on Egghead Island seems to confirm Oda Sensei's assertion that the Yonko are indeed more powerful than the admirals.

The Yonko vs. Admiral Debate

One Piece: Oda Confirms Yonko Are Stronger Than Admirals!

The debate over who is stronger, Yonko or admirals, has been ongoing among One Piece fans for a long time. 

This debate is not without reason. 

The position of admiral is the highest rank within the Navy, just below the Fleet Admiral. Admirals are individuals with extensive experience in the Navy and possess formidable power.

Admirals are carefully selected, and only those recognized as strong within the Navy can fill these positions. 

Even the Gorosei themselves directly appoint the admirals or their candidates. 

With all their strengths and formidable Devil Fruit powers, it's reasonable for admirals to be seen as fearsome figures. 

Moreover, they possess Devil Fruit abilities that are exceptionally powerful.

But are they stronger than the Yonko? 

While some fans may argue that admirals are stronger than the Yonko, in reality, the Yonko hold a more superior status than the admirals. 

This is why they are known as the rulers of the seas. 

There is evidence that the Yonko are significantly more potent than the admirals.

Firstly, consider Garp's words when they were about to capture Rayleigh. 

When the Navy attempted to apprehend Rayleigh, Garp issued a warning. 

According to Garp, the Navy would not want to face two legends simultaneously because the risk of defeat and loss would be significant. 

Rayleigh may not be a Yonko, but his strength is considered equivalent to, or almost on par with, a Yonko.

Secondly, Sengoku once stated that they would never be able to defeat Whitebeard and his forces through sheer military strength. 

The Navy acknowledged that they needed better tactics and surprise attacks to defeat Whitebeard. 

This is evidence that the power of a single Yonko far surpasses that of the entire Navy forces.

Thirdly, Oda Sensei has only shown that admirals have strength equivalent to or slightly above that of the Yonko's commanders. 

For example, when Marco faced Kizaru, their battle was quite evenly matched. 

Even Marco initially had the upper hand until he became careless and was shackled by Seastone handcuffs. 

Jozu was able to contend with Aokiji until he, too, let his guard down. Sabo could compete with Fujitora.

The Battle Between Luffy and Kizaru

One Piece: Oda Confirms Yonko Are Stronger Than Admirals!

In the current Egghead Island arc, Luffy finally confronts Kizaru. This fight is quite intriguing, though unfortunately, it isn't very lengthy. 
In this battle, Luffy manages to attack Kizaru with his Snakeman technique.

However, Kizaru seems to easily evade or counter Luffy's attacks. In fact, Kizaru kicks Luffy so hard that he is sent flying from the Frontier Dome and gets injured. 

When Luffy activates Gear 5, the battle becomes more interesting. 

Kizaru is unable to do much to counter Gear 5. Furthermore, Kizaru tends to avoid Luffy.

In the story, Kizaru prioritizes eliminating Vegapunk and almost forgets about Luffy. 

This indicates that Kizaru realizes that defeating Luffy isn't easy, especially when facing Gear 5, which would likely lead to his defeat. 

In the end, this is precisely what happens, as seen in Chapter 1095.

Luffy uses the White Star Gun technique, and his attack is infused with Conqueror's Haki. 

This attack, which directly hits Kizaru's head, renders the admiral powerless. 

In that chapter, Kizaru is completely immobilized, a situation that was likely unthinkable before. 

Luffy, on the other hand, appears exhausted after using Gear 5.

Yonko Are Stronger Than Admirals

One Piece: Oda Confirms Yonko Are Stronger Than Admirals!

Luffy's victory over Kizaru serves as confirmation from Oda Sensei that the Yonko are indeed much stronger than admirals. 
It's worth noting that Luffy is a relatively new Yonko, and yet he is capable of defeating an admiral like Kizaru. 
However, it must be acknowledged that Luffy used the extraordinary technique of Gear 5 in this victory.

Furthermore, it's essential to remember that Luffy had already used the same technique when facing Rob Lucci, which had drained a considerable amount of his energy. 

Moreover, he confronted Seraphim before taking a brief break, eating the food provided by Sanji, and then engaging in the battle with Kizaru. What about Kizaru?

If you observe, the admiral had not engaged in a battle previously, which should have been an advantage for him.

Logically, Kizaru should have been fresher and had more energy. 

However, the opposite occurred. Kizaru was completely drained and left powerless.

When comparing Luffy to other powerful Yonko like Shanks or Blackbeard, Luffy might not be the strongest at the moment. 

He still has issues with maintaining Gear 5 for an extended duration. 

If Luffy didn't have this problem, it's likely that Kizaru would have had no chance of winning. 

This can also be a measure for other Yonko.

In this regard, if Luffy already possesses such tremendous power with Gear 5, it's easy to imagine how formidable Shanks is with his Haki abilities and Blackbeard with his two Devil Fruit powers. 

Such immense strength likely doesn't just allow them to defeat admirals but could even make it easy to defeat a Fleet Admiral. 

In conclusion, it's evident that the Yonko are far stronger and more formidable than the admirals.

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