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One Piece 1081 Reddit Spoilers: Sword VS Blackbeard

One Piece 1081 Reddit Spoilers: Sword VS Blackbeard

One Piece chapter 1081 will be released on the official website on Sunday, April 23, 2023 on official reading sites such as Viz and Manga Plus.

Reporting from the Sports Keeda page on Monday, April 17 2023, here is a description of the speculative One Piece chapter 1081 spoiler that you can watch.

In this chapter, it is likely that what will happen next is the kelantan of Sword's fight against pirate captain Blackbeard.

So, the place is still in Hachinosu, although there is still a possibility to shift focus to Egghead Island.

If the focus of the story is on Egghead Island, then we will see how Blackbeard comes closer.

So, what will actually happen?

The SWORD attack commanded by Monkey D Garp left Marshall D Teach's headquarters in ruins, Blackbeard was forced to flee with his fleet in One Piece 1081.

SWORD's sudden attack and aggression surprised Kurohige, without preparation for the Marine Special Forces attack, the pirates taught went awry.

According to the One Piece 1081 leak that Teras Gorontalo received, Marshall D Teach immediately took a thousand steps and left the Beehive before Garp and SWORD caught him.

Teach or better known as Blackbeard asked Aokiji to stay and negotiate with Garp and SWORD, it is suspected that the Yonkou will go to Elbaf to try his luck in seizing the road poneglyph from Shanks.

Teach's change of plans was not without reason, he was well aware of Aokiji Kuzan's influence on the navy, because Aokiji is a former admiral and has a philosophy similar to Monkey D Garp.

Before resigning, Aokiji and Garp were Marines who were against the rules of 'Absolute Justice' which seemed cruel, these two high ranking figures prioritized morality and peace in the One Piece universe.

However, from the leaks of One Piece 1081, Blackbeard's move was slightly off the mark, without the Yonkou knowing it, it turned out that Aokiji had stolen his legendary devil fruit.

From the image display of One Piece 1081 page 5, Aokiji is seen giving the legendary devil fruit to Koby.

Aokiji even forced Koby to eat Blackbeard's devil fruit.

It will be interesting to wait to see if Koby will awaken and become a devil fruit user.

So how did Blackbeard escape? 

Will SWORD just let it go?

According to the theory, most likely Garp and SWORD will not pursue Blackbeard, it is strongly suspected that this group is only focused on the mission to save Koby.

Another possibility is that, after rescuing Koby, this group will head to Egghead Island to help Monkey D Luffy from being surrounded by the Marines led by Jaygarcia Saturn or better known as Gorosei Saturn.

This theory is supported by Eiichiro Oda's claim that the Egghead Arc will involve a lineup of important and legendary characters.

The presence of Garp and Gorosei Saturn, who are elderly or, in cooler terms, veterans, will make the Egghead Arc like a battlefield.

The Gorosei Saturn and Admiral Kizaru's expedition to Egghead Island brings thousands of Marines complete with Buster Call on each ship.

Their arrival is in line with the mission ordered by Im Sama to capture Vegapunk alive or dead, and destroy the scientist's research on the island.

Vegapunk is being hunted because this genius apparently conducted forbidden research that could expose the world government's secrets.

There is no clue from Oda as to what form and what kind of research is causing the world government to mobilize a large fleet of Marines, even sending one of the Gorosei elders on the mission.

Speculation suggests that the research may be related to Vegapunk's ability to "create" devil fruits with incredible power.

In fact, Vegapunk is rumored to have prepared two devil fruits for his creations, one for Zoro and one for Sanji.

Referring to Eiichiro Oda's claim in SBS 98, the mangaka confirms that Zoro will become a devil fruit user.

Zoro is confirmed to eat the Uo Uo no Mi devil fruit, Model: Seiryu. 

At first glance, this devil fruit doesn't seem to be related to Zoro's fighting style.

Even if Zoro does eat this devil fruit, Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu, it would make him unbeatable.

Not only does it allow the user to transform into a dragon, but this devil fruit also provides incredible physical resilience.

Just look at Kaido, he has been executed multiple times but no weapon can kill him.

Considering Zoro has already become a strong swordsman, no one can defeat him if he eats this devil fruit.

Regarding when Zoro will eat the devil fruit, Oda chooses to remain silent.

The mangaka hints that Zoro will experience an awakening, but not during the Egghead Arc.

Although it seems to create curiosity, with several statements from Oda indicating that Zoro will become a devil fruit user, it is certain that the Final Saga of One Piece is getting closer.

For your information, One Piece will be on a one-week break, and chapter 1081 is scheduled to be officially released on April 23, 2023, Japan time.

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