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One Piece 1068 Reddit Spoiler: Roger and Rayleigh's Surprised Reaction When They See Shanks Still a Baby

The Reddit version of One Piece 1068 spoilers reveals surprising things about Akagami no Shanks.

The spoiler for One Piece 1068 shows how Gol D Roger and Silver Rayleigh react when they see Shanks who is still a baby.

So when and where did Roger and Rayleigh find baby Shanks?

As a Yonkou, Shanks is a pirate who is greatly feared and respected by the Navy because of his haki power.

Even Fleet Admiral classmates like Sengoku are willing to comply with Shanks' request to stop the great war at Marineford.

In the past Shanks was one of the youngest former members of the Roger Pirates with Buggy.

So how did Shanks get on board Roger's ship and become part of his crew?

In SBS Volume 4 Billion, it was told that Shanks who was then one year old was found by Roger's group in a treasure chest.

The treasure chest was taken by Roger's group from God Valley Island.

That means Roger and Rayleigh found Shanks after the God Valley incident.

Where the Roger pirates teamed up with Garp to defeat the Rocks D Xebec pirates in God Valley.

This is also reinforced by one of the scenes in Movie Red.

Shanks, who at that time was going to save Uta from the demon Tot Musica, remembered the moment he first found Uta in the treasure chest he got.

The incident made Shanks think of himself in the past when he was found by the Roger pirates in a chest as a baby.

Roger and Rayleigh who opened the chest looked surprised and did not expect that there was a baby in the treasure chest they just got.

Then it was also known that Shanks had admitted that he was from West Blue when he visited Whitebeard's ship.

His confession could be a clue regarding the true location of God Valley Island.

Most likely the coordinates of God Valley Island were located in the waters of West Blue.

It should be noted that until now no one knows the exact location of the island.

Because according to Sengoku the location of the island of God Valley itself has been erased from history and world maps by the World Government.

The reason is because of the terrible incident that happened in God Valley, namely Garp and Roger who worked together to defeat the Rocks.

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