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One Piece: Shank Has Other Secret Techniques Besides Kamusari

Previously, there was a spoiler that Shank defeated Kid using the Kamusari technique.

Apart from the Kamusari technique he used to defeat Killer and even Eustass Kid in one strike, Shanks might still have another secret move. Shanks is one of several popular characters in the One Piece story, even though he only appears briefly or briefly. 

On the other hand, its origins are still being kept a secret by Oda Sensei.

Even so, now Shanks has started appearing frequently in stories as part of Oda Sensei's promise. 

Oda said if Shanks will start moving. And this has been proven after the end of the Wano Country arc. The most recent is how Shanks managed to destroy Eustass Kid in just one attack. 

He used the Kamusari technique. However, apart from Kamusari, Shanks might have another secret move.

Shanks' Sword Power

Apart from his origins, which is also a secret from Shanks' figure, is his strength. We still don't know how strong Shanks actually is in One Piece. Even so, Oda Sensei had several times shown Shanks using his powers in the story. 

There are several examples of events or moments that show the power of Shanks.

The first was when Shanks saved Luffy from the Sea King's attack. Next, we were shown how Shanks' sword skills were, when he visited Whitebeard on the Moby Dick ship. 

Shanks seemed able to withstand Whitebeard's attack which shook the area, even being able to split the sky there.

Talking about sword techniques, Shanks is shown to be able to beat Eustass Kid and Killer with just one attack. They were both defeated by Kamusari's technique. 

This sword technique is a powerful technique belonging to Gol D. Roger, which was even able to send Kozuki Oden flying far. 

Because of that, it seemed only natural that Kid and Killer could be defeated with just one Kamusari attack.

So, in conclusion, until now Oda Sensei still hasn't provided much information about Shanks' strength. 

What has only been known so far is that Shanks has powerful Haki powers and also sword skills. And a real example of that is how he used Roger's Kamusari technique to beat Kid.

Shanks Has Another Secret Kick

The big question then is whether Shanks has another secret move? 

For now, there is still no definite answer to the question. However, seeing what Shanks presented in chapter 1079 it seems very likely that there are still other secret moves that he hasn't shown yet. 

n the previous article it was explained that Shanks might have learned sword techniques from Roger or Rayleigh.

This is possibly the reason why Shanks was able to use the Kamusari technique. 

Apart from Kamusari, it is possible that Shanks will be taught about other techniques that may only be presented later when he fights against the enemy. 

It was also possible that Shanks would use another secret move he had learned or developed himself. This of course will be similar to Zoro.

One thing is certain, this other secret move from Shanks will probably be as powerful as Kamusari's technique. 

Or it could also be that Shanks then developed a sword technique that was even more powerful than Kamusari which then became another secret technique. 

For example, he would be able to split and destroy anything. As mentioned by Koushiro that good swordsmen are those who are able to split or destroy anything they want with their sword.

At the most extreme, maybe Shanks is not only capable of splitting the sky with his sword. 

He might be able to split time and space, send his enemies to another place or even another dimension. 

It is also possible that Shanks has an epic technique like Zoro's Ashura Ichibugin. 

Considering that Shanks is very good at Haki, it's not impossible if he has a technique that can intimidate his opponent.

Ashura Ichibugin himself is a clear example of this, where enemies will see Zoro wielding nine swords. 

For Shanks, maybe the enemy would see an illusion where Shanks was moving swiftly towards them and also at full power. 

The enemy will be unable to move or withstand the attack. They eventually lose or even the most terrible is killed. 

Let's just wait for another big surprise from Shanks and also another secret move that he will present in another epic battle.

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