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One Piece 1079: Revealed From Who Shanks Learned Kamusari

It is known that Shanks defeated Eustass Kid using the Kamusari technique, but where did he learn this technique from? 

The battle between the Kid and Red Hair pirates is one of the battles that fans have been waiting for in the last phase of the One Piece story. 

Kid previously arrived at Elbaf island after choosing one of the paths.

However, on Elbaf Island, it turns out that Shanks and his group of pirates are already waiting for them. After fighting with the Red Hair fleet, Kid and Shanks finally fought. 

Based on what was presented in chapter 1079, Shanks managed to beat Kid using the Kamusari technique. 

However, where did Shanks learn the Kamusari technique?

Explanation of the Kamusari Technique

What exactly is the Kamusari technique? This is one of the most powerful sword techniques that appears in the One Piece story. 

The Kamusari technique was first shown by Gol D. Roger when he fought against Kozuki Oden on an island. 

Proof of the awesomeness of the Kamusari technique used by Roger was that he was able to send Kozuki Oden flying very far.

In fact, Oden was the strongest samurai in Wano 20 years ago. He also uses the Nitoryu technique aka two swords to fight. Oden's strength was even acknowledged by Kaido. 

This means that Kamusari's attack is really very powerful, which makes it only natural that Kid was easily defeated by Shanks using this technique.

Even so, what needs to be appreciated is how resilient Eustass Kid is. If he didn't have extraordinary endurance, then he would likely have died instantly. We can reflect on the figure of Kozuki Oden, who was able to survive Roger's Kamusari attack. 

Seeing the facts above, the question then is who taught Shanks the Kamusari technique?

Gol D. Roger's legacy

Seeing how close the relationship between Roger and Shanks is, it is possible that Roger taught Shanks the Kamusari technique. 

As shown in the story, since the first time he joined Roger's crew, Shanks was indeed shown to have an emotional closeness to the captain. We can see this in several moments.

For example, the most obvious one is when Shanks meets Luffy. When Luffy said the same thing as Roger, Shanks immediately remembered the captain. 

Then, in Kozuki Oden's journal entry, it was written that after Roger's return from Laugh Tale, Shanks was seen crying loudly while hugging the captain's body. What actually happened is still unknown.

The emotional closeness between Shanks and Roger could be the basis for speculation if Roger then taught Shanks many things. Starting from swords and even teaching Kamusari techniques. 

It could be that this is a legacy that was deliberately taught or left behind by Roger for the figure of Shanks. In fact, apart from the Kamusari technique, Roger might have inherited other things as well.

In this case, Roger likely inherited the sword he owned to Shanks. 

It has been speculation for a long time among fans that Shanks' Gryphon sword is actually the same sword as Roger's, namely Ace. This is seen from the similarity of the forms of the two swords. 

However, unfortunately, until now there has been no confirmation or clarity regarding this matter.

Aside from Roger, Silvers Rayleigh was also the one who might have taught the Kamusari technique to Shanks. 

Rayleigh is also known to be skilled in using a sword. In fact, there is speculation that Rayleigh taught Roger the sword. 

Apart from swords, what Rayleigh might have taught Shanks was Haki, which he has always relied on.

Proof of Shanks' Swordsmanship

How Shanks was able to use the Kamusari technique in the fight against Kid, and even managed to defeat him, is proof that Shanks' reputation as a swordsman is real and true. 

In fact, in the story it is revealed that Shanks is the eternal rival of the figure of Dracule Mihawk who is the strongest swordsman in the world.

Word had it that whenever the two of them fought, the entire Grand Line would be shaken. 

Whitebeard himself admitted that the fight between Shanks and Mihawk was legendary and amazing. 

Mihawk also often looks for Shanks' whereabouts to challenge him to fight, until Shanks loses his arm as a result of sacrificing for Luffy.

Mihawk was finally no longer interested in finding Shanks' whereabouts and fighting. 

Various sources of information such as manga, Vivre Cards, databooks, and so on all confirm that Shanks is a swordsman. In one of the databooks, Shanks has the nickname "swordmaster." Other sources refer to Shanks as a "Great Swordsman" or "great swordsman."

This shows that Shanks was a very strong swordsman and not just someone with a sword or able to swing a sword. 

What happened in chapter 1079 where Shanks was able to use Kamusari, which incidentally is Roger's strongest sword technique, and being able to defeat Kid easily seems to be clear evidence of Shanks' reputation as a swordsman in the One Piece story.

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