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One Piece 1080 Spoiler Reddit: Shanks Targets Captain Barto

One Piece 1080 Spoiler Reddit: Shanks Targets Captain Barto

The previous chapter of One Piece showed Captain Kid lying helpless after his fight against Shanks in Elbaf.

It is predicted that One Piece chapter 1080 will continue the story of the battle that took place on Engghead Island.

The manga will also depict the fate of the defeated pirate, Kid, at the hands of Shanks.

According to a forum on Reddit, Shanks has left Elbaf and is heading to see Barto's bounty, indicating that Shanks will target Captain Barto next.

The crew of Kid and Killer witness their defeat and a mysterious figure approaching them.

On Egghead Island, a large snake appears, and Shanks uses his power to turn Nami and Sanji into stone snakes, while he decides to hunt down the remaining crew members.

Robin, Chopper, and Atlas manage to reach the underground chamber and find Stella, but her magnetic boots are activated, causing her to get stuck.

Zoro and Jinbei are trapped on the ground with Stussy. Stussy uses Kami-e to make her legs flexible and jumps out of her boots.

The Blackbeard ship arrives and attacks the refugee ship.

Luffy's damaged boots do not affect him, and he continues to fight Bear, frustrated that he will not get injured from the attack of Gear 5.

The story of One Piece 1080 ends with Kari being attacked by Sharks using Fishman Karate, as Kari is a swamp man made of water and can be fought by Fishman Karate without using the sea prism stone or haki.

Two figures emerge from the swamp, Carrot and Xdrake.

What happens next? 

Stay tuned for One Piece chapter 1080.

The manga One Piece 1080 is scheduled to be released on Sunday, April 9, 2023.

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