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One Piece 1080 Spoilers: Blackbeard's Ship Begins to Approach Egghead, Will the War Begin Soon?

The storyline in the Egghead island arc is getting more interesting with the disclosure of various facts as shown in the last few chapters. 

In the previous chapter, we learned that it was York who turned out to be the traitor on Egghead Island.

He deliberately kidnapped the real Vegapunk and also the Cipher Pol agents who came to Egghead 

Island to carry out the plan he had arranged. York himself wants to be the only Vegapunk in the world and be part of the sky dragons. 

On the other hand, the World Government also betrayed York by trying to destroy it as well.

One Piece 1080 predictions

Then, what might happen in chapter 1080 later? The most interesting of the possible events that will follow is the big battle on Egghead Island. 

There is an interesting theory which states that Egghead Island is likely to experience a major event like what happened at Marineford. In other words Egghead will be "Marineford 2.0."

Some clues regarding this matter have indeed been presented in the manga. For example, in the previous chapter the narrator mentioned and explained about the “Egghead Incident” which started three months ago and will occur in the near future. 

Sentomaru even mentioned that something far worse than the Ohara incident was going to happen on Egghead's island.

The next clue is how the navy has deployed a large number of their fleet to Egghead Island. Mentioned if there are approximately 100 ships deployed to the island. 

However, it wasn't just the massive naval power that was being lowered. One of the Gorosei even directly intervened in this matter.


The third clue is the appearance of Blackbeard's group on Egghead Island. In chapter 1079 a surprise appears where Blackbeard's pirate ship starts approaching the island. 

However, for now, it is still unknown who was on board the ship. 

Was Blackbeard on the ship or was it the other crew. The reason is, Blackbeard is known to have previously fought Law.

If, then the one on the ship is indeed Blackbeard, it means that his battle with Law is over and it is possible that Law will lose. 

And this could also mean that Blackbeard now has three copies of the Road Poneglyph. It is still unknown what Blackbeard's group intended for going to Egghead Island. 

However, it could be that one of the reasons was starting the war before the naval forces appeared.

Other One Piece 1080 Predictions

What might also become the focus in chapter 1080 is how the situation will continue outside of Egghead. In chapter 1079 there are two scenes that show the situation outside Egghead Island. First is the appearance of the ship from Blackbeard's group. 

Second, we saw how the situation of the battle between the Red Hair Pirates and the Kid's group continued.

In the chapter, it was shown how Shanks managed to destroy Kid and his group with just one attack. And finally, they managed to get a copy of Kid's Road poneglyph. 

Based on this, it means that it is very likely that in chapter 1080 we will see situations that occur outside the other Egghead islands.

One that fans have been waiting for is the continuation of Monkey D. Garp's rescue mission against Koby. 

Garp was previously shown going to the marine base near Egghead to pick up Hibari and Helmeppo to save Koby. 

However, Garp certainly needs more help for this mission especially since he wants to go to the pirate island.

Many fans suspect that there will be other characters familiar to Garp who will join, for example, Chaton aka Tokikage or even Sengoku. And an epic battle will take place on Beehive island where Garp might face Aokiji. 

What's interesting is that most of the fans predict that one of them will die. Maybe, we will find the answer to this in chapter 1080 later.

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