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6 Crimes Committed by the Village of Konoha!

6 Crimes Committed by the Village of Konoha!

Although the village of Konoha is the main setting of the Naruto franchise, it is also the most feared village due to several crimes it has committed. 

Konoha is a ninja village located in the Fire Country within the Naruto franchise. 

This is where the main protagonist, Uzumaki Naruto, and the majority of the characters in the story reside.

On the other hand, Konoha is also known to have a deep connection to the history of shinobi in the world. 

In fact, Konoha is the first ninja village that was built before many other ninja villages emerged. 

With Konoha's long history, it is not surprising that they also have committed some crimes or terrifying things. 

So, what are the crimes committed by the village of Konoha?

1. Neglecting Uzumaki Naruto

6 Crimes Committed by the Village of Konoha!

The first wrongdoing of the village of Konoha was how they neglected the figure of Uzumaki Naruto. 

He is the main protagonist of the story who started all his adventures as a naughty child with big dreams. 

However, it later emerged that Naruto was actually very lonely. He desperately needed attention from others.

What happened was that everyone avoided Naruto, seeing him as a monster after he became the Jinchuriki for Kurama. 

Konoha seemed to do nothing to protect Naruto from people's negative stigma. 

In fact, what happened to Naruto was a sacrifice of the lives of both his parents, Minato and Kushina. And they sacrificed their lives to protect Konoha.

2. Forming the Root Anbu Group

6 Crimes Committed by the Village of Konoha!

Although from the outside Konoha appears to be a peaceful, kind, and enjoyable village, there are actually many terrible and dark things inside it. 

And these dark things are represented by the emergence of the Root Anbu. 

Actually, Anbu itself is a secret group deliberately created for intelligence purposes by Konoha. However, there is another figure who takes advantage of this.

That figure is none other than Danzo Shimura. 

He created a new faction of the Anbu group, namely the Root Anbu. 

Unlike Anbu in general, the group led by Danzo more often carries out extreme missions ranging from kidnapping to murder. 

Their existence is truly very secret. 

Since the recruitment moment, its members have to leave their emotions for the sake of Konoha.

3. Not Mediating the Hyuga Clan Issue

6 Crimes Committed by the Village of Konoha!

The Hyuga clan conflict occurred years ago, where Kumogakure attempted to steal their Kekkei Genkai, the Byakugan. 

Kumogakure initially pretended to agree to peace with the clan, until it was later revealed that it was just a tactic. 

They then kidnapped Hinata when she was only three years old. However, the kidnapper was killed by Hiashi Hyuga.

Knowing that Hiashi Hyuga had actually killed the leader of Kumogakure, and that the conflict had only become more complicated, Konoha seemed to do nothing to stop it. 

However, the Hyuga clan is one of the respected and influential clans in Konoha. 

What happened was that Hizashi Hyuga sacrificed himself for his younger brother.

4. Conducting Human Experiments

6 Crimes Committed by the Village of Konoha!

Building military strength and creating powerful weapons are two things that happen during times of war, including Konoha. 

Many of the ninja villages are competing to create something extraordinary so that it can be used to defeat other villages. 

One terrible crime that Konoha committed at that time was conducting experiments or experiments on living things, in this case, humans.

When Hashirama Senju died, Konoha realized that they had lost a valuable asset. 

They knew his Kekkei Genkai would really help Konoha. 

This is what they then do, where Konoha is looking for children who can become their research subjects. 

Many of these children had to die and only Yamato managed to survive until now. 

Worse, Hiruzen himself actually knew about this and he seemed to allow everything to happen.

5. Sending Children to War

6 Crimes Committed by the Village of Konoha!

Speaking of children, Konoha's other terrible crime is sending children to war. Konoha was deliberately built by Hashirama and Madara to fulfill their dreams. 

They want a peaceful place to be a safe land for children so they don't have to fight anymore. 

What happened then was the opposite where Konoha sent many child shinobi without experience to fight.

Some of the characters who were sent to war when they were children were Shisui Uchiha, Kakashi, Rin, and others. 

Actually, other ninja villages did the same when the war era happened. 

Even so, what later became the reason why this became a crime was against the will or mission that Madara and Hashirama wanted when building this village.

6. Finish off the Uchiha Clan

6 Crimes Committed by the Village of Konoha!

Perhaps, the most terrible crime ever committed by the village of Konoha in history was killing one of the clans that were in it. 

In this case, Konoha wiped out the entire Uchiha clan. 

The Uchiha clan is an important part of Konoha, considering that one of the founders of this village is Madara Uchiha. 

Unfortunately, what happened was how the Uchiha clan was always underestimated.

They are not given strong political power, are always ostracized, and many other negative things happen. 

The residents are afraid of the power they have. 

In fact, the Uchiha clan never thought of hurting or even destroying Konoha. 

However, Danzo then ordered Itachi to finish off his clan for Konoha's sake. 

Itachi did this out of love for Konoha and also to protect his younger brother. 

The Uchiha clan massacre incident will always be the most terrible tragedy and the greatest crime that the village of Konoha has ever committed.

As the strongest village in the Naruto franchise, Konoha is indeed a big village and is feared by other ninja villages. 

Even though currently Konoha is a peaceful village and often mediates existing conflicts, Konoha itself cannot be separated from the various terrible crimes they have committed in the past. 

And some of the points above are examples.

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