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One Piece 1067 Reddit Spoilers: Dragon Attacks World Government!

One Piece 1067 Reddit Spoilers: Dragon Attacks World Government!

Monkey D. Dragon seems to have a big plan that he has been preparing for a long time to destroy the World Government. 

And in this grand plan, it seems that Dragon must be willing to sacrifice Kuma. 

Even so, Kuma himself didn't seem to mind that. 

Will Dragon's grand plan succeed in destroying the World Government?

As we already know, Monkey D. Dragon is the most vocal figure in opposing the existence of the World Government. 

For him, their existence only brings misery to all people in the world of One Piece. 

Because of that, he was determined to destroy it. However, it is not so easy to destroy a great power. 

It takes careful preparation and a neatly arranged plan to do it. 

Even so, Dragon himself seems to have done so.

Formation of the Revolutionary Army

One Piece 1067 Reddit Spoilers: Dragon Attacks World Government!

Led by Monkey D. Luffy's father, Monkey D. Dragon, the Revolutionary Army is one of the largest and most dangerous organizations in the One Piece series. 

They have the main goal of overthrowing power in a region, and also in various other organizations such as the World Government. 

The Revolutionary Army is often referred to as a 'group of pirates operating on land'.

This is reasonable considering that they both pose a threat to the World Government, and their threat is even greater. 

Even though it was a mystery, we finally know how Dragon then formed the Revolutionary Army. 

This was revealed in chapter 1066 yesterday. 

In the chapter, Dragon goes to Ohara to pay his last respects to Professor Clover.

There, he meets Vegapunk. 

Dragon then explains that he can't just sit idly by seeing what the World Government has done to the world, especially Ohara. 

He also decided to gather troops and take revenge against the World Government. 

This is what later became the beginning of the formation of the Revolutionary Army.

On the other hand, this also answers the question why then Dragon could recognize Vegapunk. 

Unfortunately, there is no explanation of what their relationship was like before. 

What is certain is that Vegapunk seems to support what Dragon is doing, even though he is on a different side. 

And because of this also Vegapunk himself may be part of Dragon's grand revenge plan.

Why Kuma Became a Pacifista

One Piece 1067 Reddit Spoilers: Dragon Attacks World Government!

Why Vegapunk turned Kuma into a Pacifista is still a big question. In fact, Vegapunk knows Kuma. 

Jinbe himself explained information about Kuma's past, where he was a notorious and evil figure. 

And for the crimes he committed, finally he must be punished by the World Government.

However, Vegapunk saw something special in him that made them finally make a deal. 

Kuma doesn't need to be punished, but he has to accept that his body is part of Vegapunk's research subject. 

And finally, it happened. 

Apart from not needing to be punished, Kuma even got a place as a Shichibukai which gave him a lot of freedom.

However, it could be that why Kuma was later turned into a Pacifista was one big part of Dragon and Vegapunk's grand plan. 

In other words, they "sacrificed" Kuma to get involved in this big plan. 

Because it is confidential, not many people know about it. This is the reason why Bonney was angry with Vegapunk.

Bonney didn't know the real facts, because Kuma didn't give or disclose this. 

What he knows is that Vegapunk is an evil figure who has turned his father into a robot. 

We can see this from Vegapunk's reaction when he saw Bonney in chapter 1066, where he seemed familiar as if nothing had happened.

Dragon's Grand Plan

One Piece 1067 Reddit Spoilers: Dragon Attacks World Government!

Then, what is Dragon's grand plan to destroy the World Government. 

In his own theory it is explained that Dragon's big plan is to take advantage of everything about Kuma. 

First, starting from the information he has stored or had so far. 

As you know, Kuma lost his human side when he turned into a Pacifista. 

However, perhaps his consciousness did not actually disappear.

Dragon and Vegapunk may have hidden Kuma's consciousness in some place or lab, which they may one day gain access to again. 

Second, Kuma of course records all the events that he has experienced so far. 

And in the previous chapter, Dragon asked to show what really happened while he was a slave for the celestial dragons.

Of course, they can use this to counterattack the World Government by spreading it around. So, people can know what they are like. 

Third, there are a lot of Pacifista. 

Vegapunk and the marine have already produced it in mass quantities. 

However, how is this also part of the strategy to destroy the World Government?

The trick is to "betray" the World Government. 

As previously mentioned, Kuma's original consciousness may still be preserved and will return. 

When that consciousness returns, the real Kuma will activate a secret system where all Pacifista will obey his orders. 

And when this happens, Kuma will order them to attack the World Government.

The system itself is similar to Order 66 in the Star Wars story, where all clones have to kill the Jedi. 

With the large number of Pacifista, of course, they would not expect this. 

And this big plan can certainly help Luffy and the Straw Hats to destroy the ruler of the One Piece world.

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