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One Piece: The Reason Law Works for the World Government

The last few chapters, Law became one of the characters who often appeared. One of the big questions for fans right now is how Law works for the World Government.

Since Law's appearance, he has been involved in several mysterious incidents along with several other characters. Law's motivation to be involved in several mysterious events makes fans even more curious.

For now, we still don't know whether Law really works for the World Government, as well as a double agent despite the various evidences pointing to this. 

Some fans also believe that Law is responsible for several things, including the Rocky Port incident. However, what then did Law do such a thing?

There are several possibilities that could have happened why Law did this, the first is that he was forced to do it. Why then was he forced to do this? 

It could be that the World Government knows of his track record so far, especially regarding his relationship with Donquxiote Rosinante. 

They used this to “blackmail” Law into becoming a double agent of the World Government.

Another possibility is that Trafalgar Law wants to take revenge for what happened to Rosinante. As geeks know, Rosinante has an emotional attachment to Law. 

He was the one who protected and cared for Law when he was a child. 

In fact, he also gave the Ope Ope devil fruit to Law in order to cure the disease he was experiencing.

Rosinante himself died because Dofy found out about his sister's disguise, and it was Sengoku who ordered Rosinante to carry out the disguise. 

Law wants to destroy all those who he feels are responsible for Rosinante's death. The various parties are the navy, pirates, and the World Government. 

He wanted them to "pay" for everything they had done by making the parties go to war with each other.

Law himself is currently fighting with Blackbeard as we saw in chapter 1064 yesterday. 

However, it would be interesting if the above speculations are proven. It is not impossible that Law will rejoin Luffy at the end of the series, where he will help Luffy destroy the World Government. He felt that Luffy could help him achieve that victory.

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