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One Piece: Im Sama is Luffy's Mother and Also a Devil Fruit User?

One Piece: Im Sama is Luffy's Mother and Also a Devil Fruit User?

The true identity of Monkey D Luffy's mother is still the biggest mystery in One Piece which will soon reach chapter 1041.

Not a few say that Im Sama is Luffy's real mother.

Eiichiro Oda once showed Luffy's mother in chapter 440.

Oda brought up Luffy's mother after a fan asked SBS Volume 44.

"Oda, I have a serious question, have you ever drawn Luffy's parents?" asked a fan.

"The parents? They have been drawn and will appear in the next volume," answered Oda.

The next volume that Oda means is chapter 440 and there is shown a mysterious woman who accompanies Dragon.

There is a possibility that the woman is Luffy's mother because Oda said "they" which means the Straw Hat captain's father and mother will be shown simultaneously in chapter 440.

So it can be ascertained that Im Sama is not Luffy's mother because Oda has confirmed this.

One Piece: Im Sama is Luffy's Mother and Also a Devil Fruit User?

Im the same myself not yet known for sure whether male or female.

But from the silhouette it looks like a young woman.

Im or Im Sama is the leader of the World Government as well as the highest figure in the hierarchy. 

As the story shows, even the Gorosei worshiped and knelt down to Im. 

However, on the other hand, Im is also the most mysterious figure in the One Piece series. 

Im only appears in a few panels and her figure is still shrouded in silhouette.

Not only that, almost no information can be found about Im's figure, other than she is the supreme leader of the World Government. 

This is what then raises a lot of questions among fans. 

Many fans are curious about Im's origins and strength. 

Also, they wonder how Im can become the ruler she is today.

Many theories have emerged that try to explain the figure of Im. 

For example, Im turns out to be Luffy's mother. 

There is also a theory that Im is a figure known to Joy Boy in the lost century 800 years ago. 

And another theory says that Im is the only survivor or living witness of the lost century.

Devil Fruit User?

One Piece: Im Sama is Luffy's Mother and Also a Devil Fruit User?

Talking about Im's figure and also her strength, some fans believe that she is a user of devil fruit powers. 

This is based on several facts in the story. For example, the figure of Im is believed to be a woman, based on the silhouette of her character that often appears in the story. 

In addition, from the physical form, Im doesn't look too big.

This is what later became the reason why Im probably never fought physically. 

Or even Im not having any fighting power at all. 

Then, how then can she "conquer the world"? 

The most reasonable, of course, is to use the power of the devil fruit. 

What's interesting is that there is a theory or other speculation between Im and the devil fruit.

In one theory that is developing, it is stated that there is a possibility if Im is the "creator" or the person who presents the power of the devil fruit. 

She kept all these secrets in Mary Geoise, which until now has not been revealed. 

And judging from what's happened so far, it does make sense that Im is a devil fruit user.

What is the Devil Fruit?

One Piece: Im Sama is Luffy's Mother and Also a Devil Fruit User?

Assuming that Im is indeed a devil fruit power user, the next question is what devil fruit did she consume? 

Again, there was a lot of speculation and theory that then appeared among fans regarding Im's devil fruit. 

Some say that Im is a previous user of the Ope Ope no Mi devil fruit.

That's what later became the reason why Im was able to survive from 800 years ago until now because she can live forever. 

There is also a mention that Im has a devil fruit power similar to the Hobi Hobi no Mi, it's just that this devil fruit is much more powerful than Sugar's because it has been successfully awakened. 

With this power he can live forever and also forget people's memories.

However, based on the information Oda has presented so far about Im, it is likely that the name of the devil fruit itself is different from the others. 

An example is the Power Power Fruit or the Destructive Destruct Fruit. 

This devil fruit will give the user a tremendous power, capable of destroying anything. This devil fruit is a Paramecia type.

With her tremendous power, Im is able to control or master various things. 

Because, with this power, Im can do whatever she wants. 

And it is not impossible if Im's devil fruit is a "rival" to the Nika devil fruit that Luffy currently has. 

Could be, this is the reason why Im so after the figure of Luffy. 

Because, she realized his strength was able to match the power of her devil fruit.

Can Destroy the World?

One Piece: Im Sama is Luffy's Mother and Also a Devil Fruit User?

With the power of this very powerful devil fruit, there is a possibility that Im is able to destroy the entire world. 

If that was the case, it was only natural that Im would then become the leader and even the Gorosei would kneel to her.

This is because the Gorosei know that they will not be able to face the awesome power of Im's devil fruit.

On the other hand, the power of Im's devil fruit is likely to be able to destroy the world. 

It could be that with the power of the devil fruit, Im used it to destroy Lulusia as we saw in chapter 1060. 

Or even she used it to destroy God Valley 38 years ago. 

And it is also possible that thanks to this devil fruit Im and 20 other kingdoms were able to win against the Ancient Kingdom.

No less interesting is how there is a theory that says that at first the world of One Piece was a large land. 

However, Im then destroyed the land and divided it into the 4 Blues we know today. 

With the power of the devil fruit, it is true that Im can do such extraordinary things.

It's certainly interesting to see how powerful Im Sama's devil fruit is in the final battle against Luffy and the Straw Hats. 

In this moment, we might see an epic moment from Im when using her devil fruit powers.

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