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Oda Gives Hints of the Greatest Samurai in One Piece!

Oda Gives Hints of the Greatest Samurai in One Piece!

Becoming a swordsman is Roronoa Zoro's biggest dream which he is currently trying to fulfill with Luffy, and the Straw Hat crew. 

In the One Piece story, there are indeed many characters who use swords as their weapons. 

Ranging from ordinary pirates to the navy, there are all who use the sword.

Even so, not all of them were able to use the sword well. 

Some of these sword users are able to maximize their potential to use the sword and become the best. 

When a person holds a sword, and is able to use it well, it does not necessarily make that person a true swordsman.

There are things more complex than what has been shown so far in the story. 

This could also be the reason why Kaido and Big Mom, despite their extraordinary strength, would not be able to match the abilities of the "World's Best Swordsman".

There are many clues about becoming the best swordsman.

Become a Real Swordsman

Oda Gives Hints of the Greatest Samurai in One Piece!

When Zoro asks about Yoru, Mihawk says that there is no strength in a sword without gentleness. 

Then Koushiro had also mentioned his income about becoming a true swordsman. 

In his opinion, a true swordsmanship wasn't about one's ability to cut through iron. 

It's about the power to protect and being able to determine what should be cut.

According to Koushiro too, the sword that hurt what it touched was not a sword. 

Another reference is then presented in Wano when Luffy was in Udon prison. 

So far there really isn't enough information about what actually makes a person the best swordsman in the world. 

However, it is certain that being a swordsman is not like Kaido who uses a sword and then swings it until the enemy is killed.

There's something else involved here too. 

There is an "idea" that can determine whether one knows and does not become a swordsman, what makes one considered a swordsman, and so on. 

So, the big question then is what makes someone called a swordsman?

From what is known so far, a true swordsman must have intelligence or finesse. 

The figure must also have sufficient strength to be able to protect others and also survive various attacks or enemies that come. 

The sword must also be able to become an indestructible sword, by changing it and forging it into a black blade (black blade).

Zoro Becomes The Next Swordsman?

Oda Gives Hints of the Greatest Samurai in One Piece!

Only those who are truly true swordsmen can then hold the title of "World's Best/Strongest Swordsman".

So far, the figure of Roronoa Zoro has shown two things that are "requirements" to become a true swordsman. 

He has extraordinary intelligence and sword techniques. 

Zoro also has the ability to be able to protect others and defend against enemy attacks.

However, currently, Zoro still lacks the third condition which is to turn his sword black. 

Previously, there were many theories that Zoro would turn Enma's sword into a black sword when everything that happened in Wano was over. 

And when Zoro left Wano, Zoro was one step closer to being able to face Dracule Mihawk, the best swordsman figure that Zoro was after.

From what Oda showed when Zoro faced King, it is very likely that the speculation might actually happen. 

With the end of the Wano arc and the end of the One Piece story that has begun, it's only a matter of time for Zoro to turn his sword into black or black blade. 

Can Zoro do it? We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next chapter.

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