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One Piece: This is the Reason Mihawk Hunts for the Marine?

One Piece: This is the Reason Mihawk Hunts for the Marine?

Why is Mihawk hunting the Marines? 

Appearing early in the One Piece series, it didn't take long for Dracule Mihawk to later become an idol for fans. 

Mihawk first appeared in the Baratie arc, precisely in chapter 49 and episode 23 for the anime version. 

The appearance of Mihawk seems to give a deep impression to the fans. 

He was a figure that Roronoa Zoro really wanted to defeat.

This was in order to fulfill his promise to Kuina, that he would become the best swordsman in the world. 

However, defeating Mihawk is certainly not an easy task. 

The power of Dracule Mihawk is known to be very powerful and this was felt by Don Krieg and Gin during the Baratie arc. 

What is no less interesting about Mihawk is that he is the first Shichibukai to appear in the story.

At first, the Shichibukai was just a rumor where we didn't know who the members of the Shichibukai were. 

When Mihawk appears in the story no one knows that it is Mihawk and also he is part of the Shichibukai. 

Talking about the figure of Mihawk, many of the fans are curious about the past of the strongest swordsman in this world.

Like several characters in the series, Oda Sensei still hasn't shown or presented the story of Mihawk's past. 

So far, only a few points we know about Mihawk. 

One example is that he is a rival of Shanks. 

They have been fighting each other for a long time. 

However, this is certainly still not enough to satisfy the curiosity of the fans.

Become a Marine Hunter

One Piece: This is the Reason Mihawk Hunts for the Marine?

However, in this leak in chapter 1058, Oda gave fans other information about Dracule Mihawk's past. 

According to his information, it turns out that Mihawk used to have the nickname "Marine Hunter". 

Unfortunately, there is no information about when exactly Mihawk got the nickname. 

Most likely the nickname he got before becoming a Shichibukai.

Based on what we know so far, Mihawk is one of the most "free" pirates in the series. 

He didn't have a pirate crew or a large fleet. 

He is always alone everywhere and everywhere. 

Whether he was after the One Piece treasure and why he later became a pirate is still a mystery.

What's also interesting is that Dracule Mihawk is not a name that just appears in the pirate world. 

Its popularity has long been known by all parties, even by the World Government. 

Mihawk seems to have been famous all over the world long before the Great Pirate era, which is very impressive. 

Mihawk had likely challenged all of the most powerful swordsmen and defeated them all until he later earned the title of best swordsman.

Why is Mihawk Hunting Marines?

One Piece: This is the Reason Mihawk Hunts for the Marine?

This then becomes the big question today. 

How Mihawk decided to hunt down the Marine certainly didn't just appear out of nowhere. 

There must be a special or separate reason why Mihawk did this. 

The reason is, this is not something common pirates do. 

Even though they are the enemy of the navy, hunting down the Marine is not something that is common.

Not without a reason. 

The Marine has a very large fleet. 

Not to mention the amount of logistics and their extraordinary weapons, of course, will make any pirates who do not have the power to be subdued. 

It's not counted how many pirates they managed to capture or execution. 

However, of course, this number is not as much as the Marine that the pirates managed to defeat.

Then, why did Mihawk get the nickname? 

Why did he then hunt down the Marine? 

He purposely went around the entire ocean in search of the presence of the Marine, and challenged them to a fight. 

It was also possible that he had deliberately challenged the Marine out of boredom like he did with Don Krieg, or to prove his strength.

As mentioned above, the title of the strongest swordsman in the world, of course, he got after challenging all existing swordsmen. 

This means that this also includes swordsmen in the Marine. 

Another possibility is that Mihawk accidentally hunted the marines. 

However, it is more of a misunderstanding and accident.

Dracule Mihawk is a pirate just like Luffy. And in the series we know that a pirate will always be the Marine's target for them to catch. 

It could be that on various occasions when he was about to be caught, Mihawk decided to fight and fight the Marine and win. 

The World Government then formed the opinion that Mihawk is a figure who hunts the lives of the Marine, and this is the origin of his nickname as "Marine Hunter".

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