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One Piece: Troops Belonging to the World Government!

One Piece: Troops Belonging to the World Government!

You certainly know about the organization that regulates all life in the world of One Piece, namely the World Government. 

It contains leaders who make decisions that will affect all aspects of life. 

For example, in the Reverie arc yesterday, one of the decisions that emerged was the disbandment of the Shichibukai or pirate groups that cooperate with the navy and the world government.

One of their “duties” to manage aspects of life in the world is to maintain peace. 

There are many threats that appear in the oceans and the world of One Piece, some of which are pirates and bandits. To prevent this, they also formed various law enforcement groups. Anything?


One Piece: Troops Belonging to the World Government!

As previously informed, the navy is one of the great powers that the World Government has. 

Moreover, they are also one of the forces capable of balancing this world. 

The navy is under the control of the World Government and their job is to maintain peace from the various threats that exist.

As the largest justice enforcement organization in the world, the scope of the navy itself extends across the oceans. 

There are many levels in the navy, just like the military in the real world. 

And the navy itself is a party that is heavily involved in the main story in the series. For example, we see how the navy was involved in the massacre at Ohara or also during the Marineford war.


One Piece: Troops Belonging to the World Government!

In fact, the Pacifista is one of the strongest weapons in the series. 

Pacifista themselves are commonly called "Human Weapons". 

Just as the name suggests, they are a very powerful robot with a shape similar to the former Shichibukai, namely Bartholomew Kuma.

Weapons that Dr. Vegapunk created this with the aim of defeating the ruthless and powerful pirates. 

It takes as much equipment as a full ship to make a Pacifista. 

These Pacifistas have a visual program that specifically looks for pirates on the quest list, and when they find their target they fire a powerful laser from their mouth.

Cipher Pol

One Piece: Troops Belonging to the World Government!

In addition to the naval forces, which are at the forefront when facing various societal threats, especially from pirates, the World Government also has a secret organization. 

They will perform various special and dangerous tasks that the world government has given them. 

We know this organization as Cipher Pol Aegis.

Cipher Pol itself is a secret organization that appears at the beginning of the story, especially when Luffy tries to save Robin in the Enies Lobby arc. 

Cipher Pol has eight "posts" consisting of CP1 to CP8. 

This post is what many people know. 

Meanwhile, the other two Cipher Pol groups, CP0 and CP9, are units whose existence is deliberately kept secret because of their duties and responsibilities.


One Piece: Troops Belonging to the World Government!

Maybe some of you forget or don't realize that the world of One Piece also has law enforcement like the police. 

But unfortunately, indeed when comparing it with the navy, the reputation and popularity of the police is very lacking. 

Their coverage area is not as large and wide as the navy, because they usually operate in an area or on land and not at sea.

They usually deal with local or local crime or crime events that occur in an area. 

Their roles are similar to that of Mimawarigumi in Wano country. 

What's interesting is that there are several main characters who were once part of this group. 

They are Genzo, Nami and Nojiko's adoptive father, and also Lafitte, who is reportedly a former police officer.

Enforcing the rules and preventing various criminal acts is a very heavy duty and burden. 

Moreover, the world of One Piece is known to be very wide and diverse, making everything certainly not easy. 

The World Government has also formed various groups to enforce the rules and maintain the peace that has existed for a long time.

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