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One Piece: How Much Is Yonko Buggy's Bounty Worth?

One Piece: How Much Is Yonko Buggy's Bounty Worth?

Also known as the genius clown, Buggy the Clown is one of the interesting characters that appears in the story in Eiichiro Oda's One Piece series. 

First appearing in the Orange Town arc, Oda later described Buggy as a rival to Luffy. 

Besides Luffy, Buggy is also the first character to have a devil fruit power to appear in the story.

Even though it looks ridiculous in appearance, Buggy in reality can't be underestimated. 

His connection with the figure of Shanks and also the pirate king made him an important figure. 

And over time, the figure of Buggy continues to be an important and influential character in the story. We can see this from the development of Buggy's character so far.

After being caught by the navy, Buggy had to languish in a government-owned prison, Impel Down. 

There, Buggy then managed to escape with Luffy. 

Since then, he has played an important role throughout the story. 

His connections with various important characters made Buggy finally chosen to fill the vacant Shichibukai position.

Even though he didn't have the power like the others, his immense influence and reputation made Buggy highly reckoned with. 

After the destruction of the Shichibukai system, the fans then got a surprise how Buggy was then chosen to fill one of the vacant Yonko positions with Luffy.

Buggy's Achievements As A Pirate

One Piece: How Much Is Yonko Buggy's Bounty Worth?

As a pirate, Buggy may not be very prominent or often appear in stories or in important events like Luffy, Blackbeard, Shanks, or the Worst Generation. 

However, what is interesting is how its reputation as well as its popularity is so great. 

In fact, Buggy has a great influence, especially in the criminal world.

Having been part of Roger's pirate crew, Buggy has indirectly explored almost all the islands in the Grand Line, except for Laugh Tale. 

He also of course knows about the Poneglyphs and of course about the whereabouts of One Piece, and how to find it. 

For the World Government, Buggy is the former pirate crew of Roger, the pirate king.

They still see Buggy as a very big threat. 

Not to mention Buggy has a close and deep connection with Shanks, which makes him even more reckoned with. 

After becoming one of the Shichibukai, Buggy became famous for the criminal group he formed, namely Buggy's Delivery. 

This is what builds another network of connections for Buggy to rule the underground world.

Based on that, it might not be an exaggeration if Buggy is one of the most valuable allies in the series. 

Although we may not rely on Buggy too much in terms of strength, those who are connected to Buggy are strong figures. 

Not to mention their large number and they are also a big threat to the world.

What is Buggy's Bounty?

One Piece: How Much Is Yonko Buggy's Bounty Worth?

Many of the geeks then ask, by becoming a Yonko how much is Buggy's game worth? 

The rulers of the oceans were renowned for their power and influence in the world of pirates and the seas. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that their bounty is very high compared to other pirates. 

For example, Whitebeard has a bounty of 5.046 billion Belly.

Then, Kaido has a bounty of 4.611 billion Belly and Big Mom has a bounty of 4.388 billion Belly. 

Blackbeard is probably the Yonko who has the smallest bounty with a total of 2.247 billion Belly. 

How about Buggy? 

While Buggy may not have the ability and strength to become one of the Yonko, as mentioned above, he has connections and a reputation.

Based on this, Buggy's latest bounty could possibly reach more than 2 billion Belly. 

Why is that? Indeed, there is no definite rule that a Yonko must have a bounty of 4 billion Belly. 

However, there is an interesting thing when Luffy is considered to be the fifth Yonko with a value of 1.5 billion Belly. 

Blackbeard then stated that Luffy's strength level was still not at the same level as the Yonko's.

This seems to indicate that to be considered one of the Yonko, it means that Buggy must have a bounty of at least 1.5 billion Belly. 

With all the considerations about Buggy so far, it is possible that the latest bounty from Buggy is now at 2 billion Belly or maybe a maximum of 2.5 billion Belly. 

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