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One Piece: Oda Changes Various Details of Yamato!

One Piece: Oda Changes Various Details of Yamato!

In the story in the One Piece series, almost always new characters appear in each ongoing arc.

An example is that currently in the Wano Country arc there are several new characters appearing in the story.

For example, Kaido's three subordinates (All-Stars), then Orochi, and the one who grabs the most attention is Yamato, who is Kaido's daughter.

Yamato is the daughter of Kaido who actually opposes her father.

She has thoughts that are not in line with the vision and mission of her father.

This is what then makes Yamato decide to fight her father and also ask Luffy to accept her as the new Nakama.

It didn't take long for Yamato to become one of the fans' favorites.

Speaking of Yamato, she is an interesting character with her obsession as Kozuki Oden.

In Yamato's flashback, we learn that she was there when Oden's execution took place.

Unlike her father, Yamato actually sympathizes with Oden.

In fact, after that, she found her notebook and kept it.

Her obsession with one of the Kozuki clan makes Yamato have to be locked up in a stone prison.

Often getting torture and also unpleasant actions are some of Yamato's motivations to later oppose her father.

And we can see this in the battle at Onigashima yesterday, where Yamato fought alongside Luffy and her allies to defeat Kaido.

In fact, Yamato also had time to fight against her father to protect the unconscious Luffy.

Various Changes in Yamato's Details in One Piece

One Piece: Oda Changes Various Details of Yamato!

What's interesting is that before we got to know Yamato as it is today, it turns out that there have been quite a few detailed changes to her character.

In the booklet Road To Laugh Tale Vol. 3, we see how Oda Sensei presents the initial concept of Yamato's character.

And as usual, Oda presents various important information regarding the development of the concept of character, including Yamato.

For example, the first is from the design of her face.

According to information, face of Yamato does not have a "Nami-Face" or a face similar to Nami with some changes.

Naturally, Yamato is more likely to resemble the figure of Kikunojo or Nico Robin, with a body structure that tends to be smaller.

Changes in detail from Yamato's character which is also no less interesting is the story of her past.

In the booklet it is explained that Oda presents a concept where Yamato thinks that the Kozuki clan is an evil clan.

One Piece: Oda Changes Various Details of Yamato!

Kaido deliberately brainwashed Yamato with such things, and Kaido also told Yamato that she and Orochi would punish the Kozuki clan.

In addition, the result of Kaido's brainwashing of Yamato resulted in Yamato trying to control Wano.

And in fact, Yamato actually knew what was going on.

She knows that in fact Oden is not a bad person, but rather her father who is evil for destroying Wano and killing Oden and his clan.

Later, Yamato also chose to reject Kaido's wish to become the leader of Wano because she chose to sail and leave Wano.

In Oda Sensei's unused concept, Yamato isn't sure if she can have an adventure like Oden.

Because, he realized that she was a woman. 

Because of that, he then hesitated to be able to venture out of Wano.

However, we see the opposite in the real version where Yamato is so adamant and confident that he can sail out of Wano.


One Piece: Oda Changes Various Details of Yamato!

The big change from the details of Yamato's character by Oda Sensei may have been through careful consideration.

How then her figure gets a lot of attention from fans, and also becomes one of the fans' favorite characters is proof of this.

Even so, some fans themselves feel that her figure is less developed and presents something new.

Oda seems to just want to provide fan service for fans by presenting her connection with Ace.

Or how about Yamato, who was so obsessed with Kozuki Oden's figure, that he "forgotten" that Yamato was a woman.

There are several points in the unused concept that might be interesting if they did.

Maybe, in the future, Oda Sensei will bring other changes considering that Yamato has only appeared in this One Piece arc.

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