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One Piece Prediction After Hiatus : Ryokugyu Escapes by Arresting Nico Robin

 Now One Piece has entered a hiatus of one month until July 25.

During this holiday, Oda Sensei stated that he would think about the final saga for One Piece.

As is known, the end of yesterday's chapter revealed the appearance and strength of Admiral Ryokugyu.

In addition, in One Piece 1053, it was also revealed the existence of the ancient Pluton weapon which turned out to be in Wano.

Then, what will happen to the One Piece final saga prepared by Oda Sensei?

In the last chapter, it was known that Kid had come to Luffy at the party to invite him to fight.

It was likely that Luffy and Kid would actually fight, but they were at a stalemate.

There is no winner between them, because Luffy himself already considers him a friend.

it was certain that Ryokugyu would appear in their midst to complete his intentions.

He will chase after Luffy to finish him off and bring the head of the Straw Hats to Akainu.

There are allegations that Luffy will defeat Ryokugyu later.

After that, Ryokugyu was supposed to run away and capture Nico Robin.

Will the second Enies Lobby happen again?

Possibly, because from the very beginning the aim of the World Government was Nico Robin.

They focused on Robin, and eventually asked agents CP0 to kidnap him.

Furthermore, it is suspected that Who's Who will tell where Ryokugyu will take Robin.

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