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One Piece Spoiler 1051: 2 This Alliance Disbanded?

One Piece Spoiler 1051: 2 This Alliance Disbanded?

Fighting Kaido is a task or an impossible thing for some people. 

However, that doesn't mean Kaido is impossible for others to beat. 

Kaido is indeed one of the most powerful people in the One Piece story. 

He is even very difficult to damage, thanks to the haki he uses as body armor. Teaming up is one way to beat Kaido.

That's why Luffy then made an alliance or alliance to defeat one of the Yonko. 

The pirates who joined Luffy's alliance were the Law and Kid pirates. 

However, with what happened in the latest chapter where Luffy and his alliance managed to defeat Big Mom and Kaido, what happened to their alliance?

What's the fate of the Luffy Alliance

One Piece Spoiler 1051: 2 This Alliance Disbanded?

Luffy's alliance consisting of Kid and Law is the most epic and most successful alliance. 

Although they both have egos as a new generation of pirates and also the Worst Generation, but in the end they trust each other. 

No one has ever betrayed or betrayed which is one of the keys to the success of the alliance.

As you probably know, Law was actually the one who first proposed this alliance. 

This was seen in yesterday's chapter 667, where Law invited Luffy to form an alliance because they had the same enemy, Kaido. 

Not only Law and Luffy, other pirates eventually formed their own alliance in New World. 

The obvious examples are Eustass Kid as well as Apoo and the others.

However, many fans later realized that Kaido was not the main goal or the real goal of the formation of Law and Luffy's alliance. 

Then, what then became the main mission of Law to form the alliance? 

Speculation that is circulating among fans is that Law's main goal is to find the true meaning of D's determination or Will of D.

This is also supported by evidence that appears in one of the chapters where Law goes to a secret room belonging to Kaido. 

There, Law briefly presented a narrative about his conversation with Corazon in the past about D's determination. 

After Corazon's death, Law then had the determination to find out about the true meaning of this. 

Law was curious about everything Corazon had said.

Law wondered if the D clan was indeed the enemy of the gods. 

Will the D clan really bring disaster in the future, and so on. This curiosity is actually natural because, Law himself is part of the D clan. What is still a mystery then is why Luffy. 

Why did Law decide to choose Luffy as his partner in the alliance.

Law and Luffy

One Piece Spoiler 1051: 2 This Alliance Disbanded?

Law is a figure who is full of calculations, where he has planned everything carefully before taking action. 

Why then Law chose Luffy and wanted to save Luffy of course already in Law's calculations. 

Their meeting did take place on the island of Sabaody. 

After that, the two were separated due to a time-skip.

However, even though their meeting was brief, Law may have noticed or knew that Luffy was not a random person. 

Moreover, Luffy's reputation is also quite high as a newcomer pirate. 

Another possibility is that Law realizes that Luffy is part of the D clan, which is certainly in line with his main goal. 

So, in conclusion, it is unlikely that the Law alliance will disband.

Why is that? 

Because, from the start, Law's main mission to form the alliance with Luffy - and Kid - was not just to beat Kaido. 

However, to find out what D's determination really means. 

The meaning of D's own determination is likely in the Poneglyph left behind in Laugh Tale. 

That is, Law and this alliance will continue to run until its main goal is achieved.

What will happen to the Kaido Alliance and Big Mom?

One Piece Spoiler 1051: 2 This Alliance Disbanded?

Unlike the fate of Law's alliance, it seems that the Kaido and Big Mom alliance will disband after the battle in Onigashima. 

As you know, Big Mom and Kaido's alliance was also formed by accident. 

No one ever thought that these two powerful figures would work together after they became part of the Rocks pirate group. 

The main mission of Kaido and Big Mom is different from Law and Luffy.

Kaido and Big Mom have a dream to rule the world after they find One Piece. 

In fact, Kaido wants to create a world full of chaos and war everywhere. 

Unfortunately, both of their dreams now have to vanish because both of them have been successfully conquered by the Worst Generation. 

And seeing what appears in the One Piece story, the defeat is a clear indication of the collapse of this alliance. 

What do you think?

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